STONEX Quality Policy

STONEX, according to the scope Provision and support for the installation of professional lighting equipment and scenic mechanics, articulates its Quality policy around six fundamental axes:

1._ Focus on the client

STONEX's priority is to achieve the highest possible level of satisfaction for our customers. For the follow-up of the same, which allows to act accordingly, a system is established that allows to measure the fidelity of the clients as inference of their satisfaction. This Quality Policy is available to all interested parties

2._ Approach to employees

STONEX considers the people who work in the Organization as its main asset. For this reason, a survey system is established that allows knowing the level of satisfaction of the employees in order to achieve and maintain an excellent work environment. With this objective, this Quality Policy is communicated internally for its understanding and application in the organization.

3._ Focus on the rest of the interested parties

For STONEX, it is essential to understand the needs and expectations of the stakeholders in general: Clients and Employees (mentioned above). Suppliers, Shareholders, Administration and others. To this end, it establishes a table to that effect where its needs and expectations are collected and the way of monitoring compliance with them. In this line, this Quality Policy is available to all interested parties

4._ Innovation

Innovation, in addition to one of the values ​​adopted by STONEX as an organization, is its great commitment to the future in the provision of its services.

5._ Continuous improvement

In order to achieve a dynamic of continuous improvement, all the good ideas that are generated and implemented in the Organization will be recognized and rewarded, thus seeking to involve the entire group of employees in achieving this last axis of the STONEX quality policy. .

6._ ISO Standard 9001: 2015

This Quality policy it is established according to the reference standard in terms of compliance with its requirements and the applicable legal and regulatory requirements and the continuous improvement of the Quality Management System.
It also provides a reference for the establishment of quality objectives and supports the strategic direction of the entity.

Finally, the content of the quality policy will be reviewed and / or updated annually. This action is a responsibility that STONEX Management assumes.

Publication date 02 November 2018.

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