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A team of technical professionals in lighting, control and scenic mechanics is listening to your problems and incidents. Check below the technical documentation of our family of products or write us indicating the reason for your inquiry.

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Ultraviolet C. Goldensea UV Disinfection

Goldensea UV products guarantee safety compliance in their appliances, governed by the UNE 0068 specification. The Stonex equipment, a benchmark in professional lighting, offers disinfection solutions using ultraviolet C light for all types of spaces. A complement to traditional cleaning that reinforces virus inactivation and turns crowded spaces into totally safe areas.

Lighting and control. ETC

What began as a company dedicated to the control and lighting of the theatrical scene has come to become a revolutionary giant in the entire entertainment and architectural sector. Going through their different families and ranges of control tables, cut-outs and network connectors, ETC devices are synonymous with quality assurance. Here you have the most up-to-date information on their products, softwares and video tutorials.

Lighting control. MA Lighting

There are no more excuses to stop learning about the use of MA consoles. Continue training with video tutorials, check out all the updated documentation and download the latest software to avoid falling behind in the use of the different MA Lighting control ranges. In addition, the MA University platform offers you the e-learning method. Do you want more info about it?

modeling 3D

New possibilities for lighting design come with the powerful 3D modeling software. Working the lighting of a space has never been so simple. Now it is possible to save time by customizing the position of the luminaires without having completed the assembly. An opportunity to work lighting in a more creative and versatile way.

Mobile heads. Ayrton

The recognition that this brand has earned in the premium lighting market addresses the popularity of its products among some of the world's leading illuminators. Versatility, power and innovation are the mantras to which they attend all the novelties that it launches to the market. With a clear determination to stay always at the forefront of the sector, Ayrton was born to set a trend. Check the documentation that we provide here:


The complexity of the scenic mechanics from the motorization to the start-up need support and movement. At Stonex we only work with the brands that offer maximum security and comply with the best standards of the regulations. Movecat, Sixty82 or Admiral Stage, among others are our flagship brands for solutions in scenic mechanics.

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