Safety and Emergency Lighting

Our experience in emergency lighting and our contribution in engineering applied to evacuation and adaptive safety help to create safe spaces to minimize the consequences in risk situations.

Emergency lighting control monitor

Technological solutions for emergency lighting and adaptive evacuation control

Stonex applies 40 years of experience in the field of professional lighting control to the evacuation and emergency sector, offering a portfolio with the most recognized brands in the market. Design, monitoring, adaptation and programming are the keys to turning buildings into safe areas in which the aim is to minimize the consequences in emergencies. Stonex as a Premium Partner of EATON provides engineering and integrates technology to transform the spaces.

A comprehensive emergency lighting solution

Adaptive evacuation system

Emergency lighting

Together with our partner EATON, we offer solutions for public venues or places with special needs of emergency lighting.

Adaptive evacuation system circuit

Control and monitoring

Designed and created to adapt to different responses for any emergency, it allows real-time control, monitoring and recording. The so-called adaptive evacuation.

We work with the best brands

At Stonex we always bet on quality and innovation, offering the best service for the more than 41 years that we have been developing projects. That is why we are committed to top-quality partners such as Eaton, which provides engineering and integrates technology to offer the best security solutions for spaces and emergency lighting.

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