fos / 4

~ the art of lighting for film and television ~

In-camera lighting. The new professional panel that guarantees unmatched brightness without sacrificing the highest color quality. Three different sizes of a technology within the reach of the demands of your film or television project.


fos / 4 PANEL

Lighting in film and television
Lighting in film and television
Lighting in film and television

fos / 4 FRESNEL

  • Setting the 15 to 50 degree zoom from the front or back of the device.
  • You also have the ability to add any number of optics and visors accessories.
  • El adjustable yoke allows easy balancing of the fixture after focusing, and the homogenized optics gives you an incredibly uniform beam of light.
  • Companies that contactless and remote control functions fos / 4's include wireless communication using City Theatrical's Multiverse technology and contactless programming using ETC's Set Light app via NFC from a mobile device.
Lighting in film and television

8-color technology and cool neutral white

fos / 4 is available in both HDR Daylight white light matrix and Lustr X full color matrix. The eight-color mix pushes the limits of color reproduction possibilities. Consequently, the best light quality indices for television lighting.

lighting in film and television

wireless dmx

Also uses wireless DMX control City Theatrical Multiverse for panel configuration. Stream up to 10 DMX universes from a single transmitter. This new protocol offers a wireless signal less invasive. The DMX emission can be set up via bluetooth. fos / 4 can be powered by powercon or batteries.

Lighting in film and television

10 years warranty

The ETC panel has been the result of more than a decade of research conducted by the Professional Innovation Team from Electronic Theater Controls. The panel provides a 10 years warranty in the LED source and 5 years warranty in the rest of the device.


of lighting equipment in Cinema and Television

Lighting in film and television


· 2 LED panels
· 1 Fresnel Focus
· 1 Tripod


2 Fresnel Spotlights
· 3 LED panels
5 Tripods


· 5 LED panels
4 Fresnel Spotlights
9 Tripods


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