Bespoke UV-C disinfection solutions for infection prevention

99,9% reduction of microorganisms




Fungi, yeasts, various spores and other microorganisms.

Traceability of disinfection

Our solutions have disinfection traceability tools specially designed for the needs of the healthcare sector and socio-sanitary.

Traceability of disinfection is carried out by check cards and UV-C dosimeters that easily check and certify the amount of UV-C radiation to which a surface has been exposed. These tools allow you to track the disinfection performed.

uv-c dosimeters
DNA strands broken by the effect of ultraviolet radiation for disinfection

UV-C radiation effectively prevents infections

Renew the air and disinfect the environment

Our Goldensea UVAIR devices are capable of maintaining a constant air flow, capable of moving large amounts of air and renewing the environment of a space more frequently, by not basing their efficiency on the filtration of dense filters.

Ultraviolet radiation inactivates microorganisms to disinfect the fresh air and thus prevent infection rather than simply trapping the particles in a filter.

uvc disinfection air flow

Our equipment and processes meet the highest quality and safety standards

At Stonex we only work with premium brands and we develop our projects focused on quality and safety. For this, we have the appropriate certifications for UV-C disinfection and we have carried out studies on the effectiveness and safety of our equipment.

Spanish standardization

In compliance with UNE 0068

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Microorganism reduction study

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External radiation emission tests

Take care and protect the health of your workers and patients

Our solutions surface disinfection using Type C Ultraviolet Light They are designed for easy and effective implementation in healthcare and social settings, where disinfection is a key factor in preventing infections.

Air disinfection

Surface disinfection

Object disinfection

Fields of application

Our solutions enable ultraviolet light disinfection in a wide variety of applications, from hospital surfaces, rooms, or operating rooms, to waiting rooms and other common or professional spaces, especially in the case of air disinfection.

La easy installation and versatility of the teams we work with make them suitable solutions for large hospitals but also for other spaces such as health centers or smaller clinics, such as ophthalmic, dental, physiotherapy, aesthetic clinics, etc.

dental clinics air disinfection

Effective and easy Surface Disinfection and Infection Prevention

360º solution

We advise, design, implement and preventively maintain the most appropriate solution.

Customised for you

Our engineering team analyzes the needs of your space to design the most optimal solution.


We train your workers and use equipment that is very simple to use and without the need for large installations.


We comply with UNE 0068, European certificates and we have carried out tests and studies to validate the technology.


Possibility of easily financing equipment or 360º solution as a service, so you don't worry about a thing.


360 solution as a service

If you prefer, we take care of everything you need to keep your environment safe during the service, in a simple way so you don't have to worry about anything.

They trust our solutions

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