Tailored solutions for air disinfection in the presence of people

99,93% reduction of microorganisms




Fungi, yeasts, various spores and other microorganisms.

Much more than air purification

Compared to air purifiers with very limited effectiveness, our proudctos use ultraviolet light at 253,7 nm, proven to be the most suitable option for disinfection.

UV-C light penetrates the cell wall of microorganisms, causing irreparable damage to the genetic material, preventing them from performing their vital functions such as reproducing, and therefore causing infections.

DNA strands broken by the effect of ultraviolet radiation for disinfection
uvc disinfection air flow

Renew the air and disinfect the environment

Our Goldensea UVAIR devices are capable of maintaining a constant air flow, capable of moving large amounts of air and renewing the environment of a space more frequently, by not basing their efficiency on the filtration of dense filters.

Ultraviolet radiation inactivates microorganisms to disinfect the fresh air and thus prevent infection rather than simply trapping the particles in a filter.

It does not release ozone or chemicals. Our smart devices are easy to use with touch control, remote control or mobile application

100% safe with people in the space

Take care of and protect the health of your workers, clients and visitors

We advise you to find the most suitable disinfection and air purification solution for your space and we implement and maintain it without the need for large installations.

uvair 300

Large spaces


uvair 216

Medium spaces


uvair 108

Small spaces



We create tailored disinfection solutions for your space

Our engineering team analyzes your space and its needs to determine the most effective solution. We install and integrate our UV-C air disinfection solutions for easy use, without large installations. Your staff receives a little training to comply with UNE0068. We carry out preventive maintenance of the equipment to extend its useful life and guarantee safety.



Offices, meeting rooms, common areas, auditoriums and convention centers ...

Canal Theater

Culture and Leisure

Shopping centers, museums, theaters, nightclubs, shops, event rooms, bars and restaurants, hotels, casinos, game rooms ...

disinfection of classrooms, schools


Schools, institutes, classrooms, universities, academies, common areas, dining rooms, function rooms, nurseries, training centers, children's classrooms ...

disinfection industry sector


Factories, common areas, warehouses and logistics centers, offices ...

health sector

Health and Social Health

Hospitals, waiting rooms, dental clinics, aesthetics, physiotherapy, opticians and ophthalmology clinics, residences, day centers ...

gym disinfection


Sports centers, gyms, academies, pavilions and stadiums, changing rooms ...


Simple and effective Air Disinfection and Infection Prevention

360º solution

We advise, design, implement and preventively maintain the most appropriate solution.

Customised for you

Our engineering team analyzes the needs of your space to design the most optimal solution.


We train your workers and use equipment that is very simple to use and without the need for large installations.


We comply with UNE 0068, European certificates and we have carried out tests and studies to validate the technology.


Possibility of easily financing equipment or 360º solution as a service, so you don't worry about a thing.

Our equipment and processes meet the highest quality and safety standards

At Stonex we only work with premium brands and we develop our projects focused on quality and safety. For this, we have the appropriate certifications for UV-C disinfection and we have carried out studies on the effectiveness and safety of our equipment.

Spanish standardization

In compliance with UNE 0068

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Microorganism reduction study

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External radiation emission tests


360 solution as a service

If you prefer, we take care of everything you need to keep your environment safe during the service, in a simple way so you don't have to worry about anything.

They trust our solutions


The purifiers only purify the air, retaining the particles in dense filters. They are effective if we only want to purify the air, for example, reduce the levels of allergen particles or dust, but they do not disinfect the air.

Our disinfection and air purification devices use Type C ultraviolet light to inactivate microorganisms, preventing them from performing their vital functions and therefore causing infections.

In addition, they are capable of moving large amounts of air allowing the air to be renewed more frequently, something vital in the prevention of infections. Purifiers, having very dense filters, reduce the flow and speed of the air.

If the installation has been carried out correctly, UV-C technology is effective although it must be taken into account that since it is not an independent system, we depend on the air conditioning or air conditioning being turned on and we will not have that function when we do not need air conditioning.

It should also be taken into account that the filters installed in the ducts can reduce the flow of air and reduce its renewal, something that negatively affects the prevention of infections and increases your maintenance costs.

Standalone equipment such as our Goldensea UV AIR range are specifically designed for air disinfection, guaranteeing their effectiveness in all conditions without depending on other equipment.

The satisfaction of our clients is one of the main objectives of Stonex, that is why we put a lot of effort into offering you an after-sales service that gives you peace of mind, with a team and a technical service available to you, which is also in constant training and technical update.

We also offer you the option of contracting solutions as a service, in which we take care of everything, including performing preventive maintenance and verifying the effectiveness of the equipment.

Our Goldensea UV-C devices are one of the best options for the prevention of infections by disinfecting the air in the presence of living beings in complete safety.

Although ultraviolet radiation can be harmful to living beings, the equipment used by Stonex does not emit external radiation, something that we have verified with external radiation emission tests of the University of Hamburg and the Spanish company CandelTEC, obtaining all quality certificates and security required.

The UV lamps in the devices have a limited life, like any lighting equipment and some filters, over time they may need replacement. Our technical service team takes care of it so you don't have to worry about a thing.

If you prefer it even simpler, you can hire our air disinfection solutions as a service, so you do not have to worry about the equipment, we take care of everything and we will carry out preventive maintenance.

Our disinfection and air purification equipment adapts to any space, large, medium and small effectively. Our engineering team will analyze the space and your needs to offer you the most suitable solution for you and which equipment to use, totally customized.

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