The remodeling of the Teatro del Soho by Stonex with ETC Rigging and Movecat, to elevate the theater experience in Malaga.

The emblematic Teatro del Soho, formerly known as Teatro Alameda, is a true cultural and artistic treasure in the heart of Malaga. Since its renaming in 2019, this theater has continued to captivate the city with its history and its capacity to accommodate 840 spectators in comfortable seats. With a stage that is 14,30 meters wide by 10 meters deep, this space offers an intimate and high-quality theatrical experience thanks to its magnificent acoustics and design of the main area and amphitheater.

The transformation of the theater has been an ambitious and exciting challenge, led by the technical director of the Theatre, Francisco Manuel Rubio López ''Francis'' with the collaboration of Stonex. According to him, "needs in terms of rigging and stage mechanics they were fundamental; we needed a complete remodel of the theater.” Following this perspective, the Stonex team took decisive action by undertaking a complete modernization of the stage box. This involved replacing the previous wooden comb with a metal one that offered greater cleanliness and functionality. As a result, optimal use of available space was achieved.

In addition, an innovative series of improvements have redefined the functionality of the theater. A system of pulleys for motorized rods was introduced under the comb, facilitating access to the lighting elements and improving the fluidity in the connection between different parts of the space. A fire curtain, made up of a double-leaf system suspended from the comb of the stage box, provides not only security, but also an additional touch of sophistication. This fire curtain is designed with a counterbalanced system and a hydraulic cylinder to drive its movement.

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For the operation of the rods, the space has been fitted with 19 ETC Rigging 500kg Vortek variable speed motors along with one 900kg Vortek motor which are located in the gallery on the right shoulder of the theater vertically, leaving the space clean for proper operation and maintenance.

These motors ETC Rigging Thanks to their adaptability to non-standard drawings, they are ideal for both new and renovated installations, even in projects that require counterbalanced boom systems and motorized booms in a single scenario.. In the case of the Teatro del Soho, they chose to motorize all the rods.

In the words of Francis, ''We decided to use these ETC Rigging variable speed motors because of the versatility they offer when moving scenery. You never know where you're going to mount the rod, I mean, suddenly a mount is on the 6 rod or suddenly the 7 rod, so the more versatility you have and that they are all variable speed allows you to mount where you want. you need''.

With their adaptability, versatility in programming capacity and speed options, they offer a unique combination of features and to meet the needs of a wide variety of installations.

As Francis explains, ''this type of engine provides reliability when you need it to stop in 4.85 meters, it stops at that exact point, without exceeding the programmed mark in any case. Both the brands designed for the show, as well as those for work and safety''.

Additionally, they have incorporated 14 500 kg Movecat Plus Lite motors and 14 320 kg Movecat Plus-C motors that have been used for the front of the stage and its corresponding grill. These engines have added a layer of safety and efficiency. The control systems for each motor, together with the robustness of the motors, provide you with an extra layer of security when working.

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More than 400 linear meters of truss from the Sixty82 brand of different models have been used, including grill and front. These trusses are known for their exceptional strength and load capacity, making them the ideal choice for ensuring maximum security throughout the space. Besides, to maintain order and organization in the area, the Snake-type cable collector and the Admiral storage cabinets have been used, thus guaranteeing an environment in perfect order and functionality.

Full yet intuitive control

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The space has had the ETC Rigging Foundation motor control system, which provides more complete control with the capacity to manage more motors, recover pre-recorded settings in use and configuration applications and satisfy the demands of multipurpose scenarios such as the Theater from soho. It also offers users a maximum degree of flexibility allowing them to create cues based on time or speed. Its portable companion, the Foundation Remote Control (FHHR), can be moved virtually anywhere in the venue to ensure an unobstructed view of the stage and ensure uninterrupted control.

ETC's Foundation HD control, in the words of Francis, "is more intuitive, visual and easier to use and program than the rest of the market, being a system very similar to that of the brand's light consoles" . This similarity with ETC light consoles has facilitated the programming and use of the motors, maximizing their potential and allowing a quick and efficient response to any adversity.

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