Versatility and efficiency, key elements in Prolight + Sound 2023

Prolight + Sound 2023 ends with a significant increase in its visitors, with more than 457 exhibitors from 34 countries that have shown all the advances in the industry at this fair. Innovation has been the common thread of lighting and rigging brands, developing LED technology and equipment to offer greater efficiency, quality and versatility.

Prolight + Sound concludes this year with a general commitment of brands to innovation in catalogs with the aim of achieving superior versatility. The IP versions of the products show us a constant evolution towards professional lighting that is more adaptable to any situation or place.

Ayrton incorporates all its technological development in new IP65 luminaires

Ayrton dazzled those attending Prolight + Sound with a spectacular Show in which he integrated more than 400 teams of the recognized Cobra y Zonda in its versions 9 and 3, together with the recent Domino Wash and Hurricane Wash.

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The French brand continues to add LED luminaires to its catalogue, capable of working under any adverse conditions and officially presented Argo 6 WASH and Argo 6 FX. These luminaries They are committed to a minimalist design that incorporates IP 65 characteristics for total protection against any weather condition, providing versatility to its high power.

Argo 6 brings all the creative possibilities of the innovative Zonda, in an intermediate size between Zonda 3 and Zonda 9, now with IP65 protection. The new mobile spotlight incorporates 19 RGBW sources with an opening from 4º to 56º and great control possibilities.

On the other hand, Ayrton also presented a versatile Profile luminaire capable of performing excellently in any situation. This new spotlight is also committed to IP65 protection, allowing a mixed use between interior and exterior under any condition and providing exceptional performance. The new Rivale has been designed to be extremely light as well as manageable thanks to the design of its handles.

Rivale is equipped with a 450W LED module calibrated at 6000K with a power of 27.000 lumens. The Rivale Profile adopts a revamped high-definition progressive CMY color mixing system that enables perfect reproduction of pastel colors, a Deep Red channel, progressive CTO, and a seven-position color wheel. A key element is its 7 rotating gobos and its 8 fixed gobo wheel to fill the stage with creativity.

ETC offers new options to take advantage of its innovation and color accuracy

ETC has shown the potential of the new V-seriesWith its ColorSource Spot V y Color Source Fresnel V. This range based on 5 color technology (red, green, blue, lime and indigo) allows us to achieve superior brightness without sacrificing colour, providing a perfect balance between them.. With the V-Series we take advantage of many of the color control options at a more affordable price if we don't need the superior technology of 7 and 8 colors in our space.

ETC PLS website

These luminaires include great features from the top series such as Multiverse® wireless DMX/RDM with up to 10 control universes and Near Field Communication (NFC) for remote fixture configuration, when used with ETC's free Set Light app.

At the ETC stand it was also possible to see what will be the next launch of the ColorSource family, the ColorSource Spot VXT, the new LED luminaire that will come on the market during the summer of 2023 and offers an impressive color mix with IP65 protection, ideal for operating in any situation and reducing maintenance in fixed installations.

Right there we were able to test the Augment3d Scanner App, capable of scanning a functional model of the space that we want to import it into our 3D viewer or lighting control using augmented reality.

Claypaky continues to develop its laser technology and increases its portfolio of Aqua (IP66) versions

Claypaky showed us its new IP66 luminaire, Skylos, incorporating a 300 W white light laser source with an extremely parallel and uniform beam with no visible hot spots. Skylos has a wide range of effects that together with its laser technology achieves exceptionally sharp optical contrast..

Claypaky PLS website

In this way, the Skylos incorporates 2 rotating prisms, one with 6 faces and the other with 5, on which a fixed 4-face prism can be superimposed, achieving incredible aerial effects. Similarly, it integrates a color wheel with 15 options and a frost filter.

Its compact size also allows for fast pan and tilt movements, which were impossible to achieve with traditional spotlights with this focus.. Skylos is unique in its kind, considering its high efficiency, with a consumption of only 600W. The new Skylos is capable of generating a beam with an opening of 0.5º to 5º.

The Italian brand also presented Coil Aqua, a weather-resistant luminaire thanks to its IP66 degree that is committed to a 900W white LED light source, capable of producing up to 40000 lumens. Now it is possible to have the full potential of the renowned Arolla with IP66 protection.

During the fair we were also able to see his Mini B Aqua, which thanks to this IP66 version takes advantage of the full potential of the successful Mini B in any situation, in addition to the recent Mini B Spot y Volero Wave.

A year of innovation in Rigging with improvements in lighting control and effects

Sixty82 For his part, he showed his recently released Truss TPM, an aluminum truss up to 25% stronger than its previous version, capable of withstanding much more demanding conditions and continuing with the trend of offering a highly versatile product. Sixty82 has achieved this thanks to a detailed design and a new robotic welding process.

The brand of motors Movecat It was present with its I-Motion and C1 variable speed and control systems, with its great commitment to the precision and safety of its system, in addition to having its D8 and D8+ solutions.

movecat board

Portman also showed off its decorative luminaires with a new EVO series, based on their existing models, but with revamped LED light sources, pure tungsten emulation, and RGBW glow.

Prolight + Sound 2023 has also been the stage to show the new GrandMA3 software update. Version 1.9 has expanded the functionality of the GrandMA3 with a new SpeedMaster layer for phasers, pool actions, 3D Selection Grid tool among others. This new update has also brought changes to the interface with the aim of achieving an improved programming experience and workflow.

In the world of wireless dmx, LumenRadio continues to innovate and showed the wireless DMX solution Galileo RX for fixed installations, following the idea of ​​the successful Stardust, Aurora and Moonlight.

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