Clay Paky commits to a Sustainability Plan

Do you know the Clay Paky Green sustainability plan?

Concern for the environment and sustainability in the professional lighting sector is a maxim that influences the entire lighting value chain, and to which premium brands such as Clay Paky are applying significant changes to reduce the ecological footprint of their production and subsequent distribution.

The keys to the «Clay Paky Green» Sustainability Plan.

This new business initiative «CP Green – Spotlight on Sustainability» focuses on environmental sustainability more effectively. The Italian brand of reference in professional lighting has implemented several projects to reduce the impact of your business activities:

  1. El Kanban control system in the manufacturing process to increase the process efficiency and waste reduction;
  2. Optimize testing procedures in production phase for reduce total electricity consumption and CO2 emission;
  3. La removal of all solvent-based color inks in product packaging;
  4. Una "no paper" policy both in the production process and in the development of fairs and events.
sustainability in the offices of Clay Paky.

How is the Sustainability Plan executed?

To coordinate all corporate initiatives, integrate them throughout the organization and ensure the execution of changes, a team has been formed led by Andreas Huber, executive of Clay Paky.

His mission is to coordinate Sustainability and Environment activities and promote motivation throughout the company so that the different teams get involved and support the activities of the department, pointing out areas for improvement and putting the initiatives into practice.

The CEO of the Italian company, Marcus Graser, he said: “Sustainability has become a high priority at Clay Paky as we aim to pioneer products that contribute to a safe and better world. Respect for the environment plays a crucial role in the objectives of our company”.

Environmental impact projects at Clay Paky.

Thanks to cooperation with Spinlife, the spin-off of the University of Padova (Italy) that provides skills and knowledge related to environmental management and sustainability of companies and public administrations, a scientific and strategic approach has been provided to the project, which is structured in three main phases:

  • Quantification of the current carbon footprint of the company;
  • Definition and implementation of a multi-year strategic plan for CO2 management to achieve carbon neutrality;
  • Establishment of the action plan to offset and reduce the company's carbon footprint.

Reduction of the ecological footprint in the distribution process of Clay Paky

Since one of the first measures is carbon offsetting and reducing energy consumption, one of the first areas to tackle is air transport, which consumes a lot of energy dependent on fossil fuels and whose emissions remain in the atmosphere longer.

To reduce the environmental impact of the aircraft and partially offset the emissions produced by business travel, Clay Paky recently purchased 5.879 carbon credits supporting the Asahan 1 hydroelectric power plant in North Sumatra.

Reduction of energy consumption and more sustainability in emissions.

In addition to this policy, Clay Paky works on a new the packaging that eliminates the use of polystyrene, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions, since the use of polystyrene has a high impact on global warming.

Clay Paky also looking for new ways to reduce energy consumption, so the production hall will be equipped with modern energy-saving lighting and new laser cutting machines will be installed, which will lead to a reduction in electricity consumption and, therefore, in CO2 emissions.

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