Clay Paky RGB Pure Laser

Clay Paky Xtylos: how the RGB pure laser works and what advantages it has

Professional RGB pure laser source lighting kits offer powerful light output and the highest performance in terms of color gamut, contrast ratio and dynamic range compared to conventional lamps. For this reason, the Clay Paky Xtylos family of luminaires distributed by Stonex is ideal for audiovisual applications and lighting in film and television, as well as outdoors and applications where we need to achieve a highly visible and defined beam, even in conditions with high light pollution. . Here we have gathered its main benefits.

With the devices of RGB pure laser it is possible to illuminate stages and large-scale shows as well as projecting high-quality gobos in terms of brightness, definition and contrast. teams like the Xtylos by Clay Paky They are ideal for demanding assemblies with very diverse environmental circumstances, since their development has focused on versatility and the latest technology to cover all professional lighting needs.

1. Color reproduction with maximum fidelity

The pure laser or RGB laser produces light through three individual lasers -red, green and blue- to produce a more dynamic range of colors that covers 75,8% of the spectrum perceived by the human eye, while the one used in film and television accounts for only 35,9% of that spectrum.

Thanks to the intensity achieved in its color palette, the RGB pure laser achieves the darkest black that can create contrast and help define the gobos. Almost everything RGB lasers produce is projected, so less energy is needed for each projected lumen.

El Xtylos by Claypaky It is a beam that combines innovation and versatility, with unique characteristics in terms of optics and color treatment. Their laser source has an optimal life of 20.000h and, thanks to its additive color mixing, generates brilliant tones very faithful to the original color.

2. Less maintenance costs

RGB pure laser equipment has sealed optical systems that increase the safety of the device and reduce maintenance costs as the laser is a very durable light source that maintains its intensity over time. The Xtylos is a compact beam laser moving head with a lifetime of 20.000 hours, in a reliable and safe module and adjustable beam opening in the range of 1° to 7°.

A defined beam of pure RGB laser with the Xtylos.

The ultra compact format Xtylos Mini you have two versions, the standard version with 12W power, and the HPE version with 20W power. The luminaire has a 1º to 4º exit angle plus a 2500K to 6500K linear CTO. The relationship between power and consumption is thanks to its RGB laser source capable of producing saturated colors without any visible hot spots due to its Turbo Color system.

Meanwhile, the Xtylos Aqua retains the design and all the features of the Xtylos as its uniform beam with bright and saturated colors and its opening from 1 to 7º, which can reach an opening of 0.5º with beam reducers, with all the potential of a device with neither more nor less than IP66 protection.

3. More versatility thanks to a compact format

The RGB pure laser equipment is so compact and light that it can be attached to any stage or set-up, and it also makes handling easier for technicians. They work in any direction, are easy to transport and set up, and can fit into any scenery to meet different needs.

The Clay Paky Xtylos manage to cover great distances with their pure RGB laser.

4. Smooth Image Speed ​​and Sophisticated Effects

If the speed of the image is reproduced quickly, the light action is much more fluid. The Xtylos has two discs that bring together four rotating prisms: a disc with a convex plane prism, a six-sided pyramidal prism, a six-sided linear prism and frost filter, and a second disc with a 16-sided prism.. Both discs are mixed and matched for more complex visual effects.

The fluidity and speed not only stands out in its lighting and gobos section, but also in its precise and agile movement as a moving head, which in the case of the Mini Xtylos, has infinite pan.

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