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Stonex welcomes ESNE students to train them in stage lighting

The students of the Degree in Interior Design of the University School of Design, Innovation and Technology of Madrid, attached to the Camilo José Cela University, visited the showroom of Stonex to learn about scenic and architectural lighting and know the technical details of our lighting and control equipment.

If something characterizes Stonex in its more than 40 years of experience in professional lighting, it is, in addition to the quality of its equipment and its expert technical assistance, a constant training and technical dissemination vocation in its sector.

So when the University School of Design, Innovation and Technology (ESNE) He suggested that we do one masterclass on scenic and architectural lighting we do not hesitate to open the doors of the showroom to see first hand the creative possibilities of the latest in LED and laser luminaires.

The students also visited the workshops where our technicians carry out the maintenance of the premium equipment supplied Stonex, a unique opportunity to learn about the gears of each focus and how to work with them so that they retain the power and precision of the first day.

Tests with moving LED spotlights in the showroom.
Stonex professionals teach ESNE students about stage lighting.

ESNE students discover the possibilities of lighting design

The university center, a pioneer in its teaching techniques that apply agile methodologies and are very focused on the practice and development of projects, chose for its Interior Design students training in scenic lighting taught by Stonex expert technicians.

And there is nothing better than active professionals to teach these future designers and set designers the different lighting parameters, the types of light projectors and the possible effects offered by the most cutting-edge luminaires.

The training session began in showroom, equipped with professional lighting premium brands such as Ayrton, Claypaky, ETC and MA, so that students could experience the visible results of the mobile LED spotlights that today are leading the technological transition of scenic spaces.

For example, the multiplier effect of the color and the shapes of the gobos and prisms of the Ayrton Ghibli spotlights, which do not give up the precision of a moving head equipped with a zoom from 7º to 56º nor the versatility of its dimmer and that of the trimming blades that have perfected the staging of musicals such as Razor cross of Meccano or direct from Leiva.

Cutouts were also tested. ETC's Source Four Led Series 3 that have eight color technology for the stage lighting of theaters, direct and ephemeral architectures; in line with their equipment for film and television fos / 4 Panels and fos / 4 Fresnel.

The keys to stage lighting from the professionals at Stonex.
Projection of the different effects of the color wheel and the gobos of the cutouts.

Another fundamental pillar of stage lighting is the control of the luminaires, and for this reason the sample of the different teams was orchestrated from the light control table professional of Ma Lighting y ETC.

Stonex professionals talked about the different programming modalities to light from big shows and musical events to theatrical and musical theater productions with the reliability that only high capacity processors offer.

In addition, the different functions involved in the work of a lighting designer and a technician were addressed, a duo that must work with the greatest fluidity and for whom the latest LED technologies represent a key improvement by reducing technical complexity and increasing creative possibilities. .

New languages ​​of stage lighting thanks to laser technology

But not only the latest LED luminaires are available in the catalog and showroom of Stonex, since we have mobile laser spotlights that achieve beam compact perfect for outdoor lighting as they can be seen from a long distance.

It is the case of the lights brand xtylos Claypaky, which have powerful color output and consistency with a lifespan of 10.000 hours, and whose compact version Xtylos Mini offers infinite rotation and great speed of movements thanks to its two rotating prisms, in addition to being a more economical and easy-to-handle piece of equipment for stage lighting.

Demonstration of the possibilities of lasers for stage lighting in large shows.
Sample of the long-distance color and power possibilities of Claypaky's laser lights.

In the second part of the visit, ESNE students toured the more than 300m² of the Stonex Technical Service where equipment maintenance is carried out to be able to see the mechanisms and components of different focus models.

Accompanied at all times by an expert technician, they had the opportunity to ask questions about the operation of each technology and its performance for stage lighting in large spaces.

Practical training for the largest design university campus in Spain

ESNE is the first official private center -attached to the Camilo José Cela University- to obtain recognition in the National Innovation and Design Awards from the Ministry of Science and Innovation "for its commitment to the training of new professional profiles with the ability to adapt to the constant process of transformation of the Spanish productive fabric".

Among its nearly 2.000 students there are students from all specializations in the field of design and technology, so their itineraries value the study of successful cases and training in companies and with active professionals.

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Stonex technicians were available to students to answer all their questions.

Given the importance of stage lighting in the discipline of Interior Design, the professors of the ESNE has no hesitation in trusting Stonex as the leading distributor of professional lighting in Spain for the development of this masterclass that will be a differential value between its future designers and set designers.

Knowing cutting-edge lighting equipment and its technical possibilities promises to be key to work tomorrow on architectural lighting projects as well as the and entertainment with such depth in our country.

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