The Teatro de la Zarzuela is equipped with mobile LED spotlights

The Teatro de la Zarzuela bets on Ayrton's Ghibli and Levante spotlights

The emblematic lyrical space in Madrid, a National Monument since 1998, complements its traditional lighting with Ghibli and Levante spotlights by Ayrton supplied by Stonex to begin the transition to LED and continue creating unique light and color narratives.

Innovation in lighting has increased not only the creative possibilities of the works, but also the sustainability of each staging. When the LED technology applied to moving lights the results are wide color palettes and greater power with reduced consumption, which means a considerable energy savings and also in the electricity bill and air conditioning.

Thanks to the equipment that Stonex has distributed, the Teatro de la Zarzuela now has the latest in mobile LED spotlights: eight Spot Ghibli spotlights and six Levante-S wash spotlights, to give a new power and precision to the shows to come. These teams of the French brand Ayrton, specialized in lighting for the sector entertainment, promise to redefine what lighting design is in the lyrical genre.

Lighting from Ghibli spotlights and other newly released LED moving spotlights at the Zarzuela.
Images of the rehearsal of El Sobre verde at the Teatro de la Zarzuela.

Ghibli and Levante spotlights help tell each story

Having versatile luminaires far beyond cutouts is a narrative luxury. Why? Because with advances like the CMYK color mixing or complementary color wheels and variety of gobos, the options to play with the shades of light are endless. A variety of resources offered by ghibli spotlights in combination with wash lights Levante-S with which Stonex has also equipped the space, where LED power and precision already reign on the boards.

Count the Technical Director of La Zarzuela, Antonio López, that these moving heads wash light regulated at 7000K “They produce ultra-high performance in terms of white light and are specially designed for stage applications and, of course, their silence, which is so important in the field of opera. Let's listen to the artists and not to the technology." In fact, you don't have to give up anything with the Levante-S: low consumption (only 300W) for a hypnotic light source, zoom variable from 7° to 56°, filters frost and an iris diaphragm, to name just a few of its qualities.

New LED moving spotlights supplied by Stonex to the theater.
Stage of the Teatro de la Zarzuela with the new moving LED spotlights integrated by Stonex.

The objective is to sculpt the precise light for each theatrical moment without the need for a lot of equipment, simplifying the work of the technicians and improving the result on stage. “The versatility of the Ghibli gives dynamics to the show, because the spectator appreciates in the light that something is always happening. The quality of the device is that it does not go to blows, it has linearity and it can gradually open the blades and the dimmer. All these advances become very necessary for us because we are getting used to the latest technologies.”, recognize Juanjo Llorens, illuminator of the work the green envelope which has premiered the LED moving spotlights at the Teatro de la Zarzuela.

The technological transition that theater needs

Ayrton works to achieve ultra-efficient LED lights such as Ghibli or Levante-S spotlights, which offer great quality and precision with limited consumption. This reduces the operating costs of the scenic spaces and facilitates the progressive technological transition that in the Teatro de la Zarzuela will mean a saving in energy costs of more than 50%. Also, being a premium brand, LED lifespan It is larger and of better quality than products from lower category manufacturers.

The technological transition to LED mobile spotlights is a change that is sometimes complex due to the large investment already made in conventional luminaires, although it represents an amortized expense from the first day and currently its installation is subsidized with energy efficiency aid. In the meantime, until theaters completely replace traditional lighting, both light sources coexist and complement each other to increase the creative possibilities of the stage space.

Example of a Ghibli model LED moving spotlight supplied by the Stonex company.
Detail of the Ghibli spotlight distributed by Stonex.

The French brand will continue to innovate in the development of LED mobile spotlights, although today Antonio López values ​​that "These devices make it easier for the different existing light sources to coexist, as well as facilitating the lighting of the different shows in shorter times. This is the way, the future.”. And this is especially so in works that require lighting that is increasingly sophisticated and surprising for the public. "The best thing about the project [of The Green Envelope] is the strength of working with young people and having to create a visual language for the teenage audience.", nuances the illuminator Juanjo Llorens.

En Stonex we are official distributors of Ayrton and a benchmark in stage lighting and professional control. With more than 40 years of experience offering lighting and maintenance solutions for the show and entertainment sectors, we cover the artistic teams and lighting technicians of the national scene.

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