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Claypaky Sharpy X Frame: innovation with force

Sharpy X Frame is landing hard, improving on its ancestor in the range, the revolutionary Sharpy, and offering a mobile blade focus with a reduced size suitable for any space.

The SHARPY X FRAME redefines the best features of its family and gives a twist to the indispensable Sharpy, integrating a system of blades of four focal planes. In addition, it is updated becoming a light and compact bulb and offering a unique performance.

Along with a powerful 550-watt lamp, Claypaky's new fixture delivers extremely bright performance and reproduces deep, vivid, consistent colors. The key is to maintain the intensity of the red.

Being a fully hybrid and multifunctional luminaire, SHARPY X-FRAME, is not limited to being just a mobile effects spot, but it is combined to offer versatility in all its aspects, a beam, spot or wash spot. With this bulb you will not need other large bulbs and you will save space with the same power.

But what makes it different?

Its breadth of zoom range 2 ° to 52 °, enables unprecedented visual effects. With the innovation and efficiency that precedes the Italian brand, Claypaky, distributed by Stonex in Spain, has once again offered a unique optic that allows it to produce sharp images and very defined beams. In addition, it incorporates 6 beam reducers from 0.5º. 

Updated and improved, the new spotlight is equipped with several rotating and static gobo wheels, to offer multiple effects, as well as a rotating prism with 4 and 8 faces. For its part, the new Claypaky device incorporates a linear Frost and a CMY and CTO color system that allows it to offer a wide color range.  

claypaky sharpy xframe

The SHARPY X FRAME comes to stay with the premise of becoming one more hybrid luminaire versatile y compact, satisfying the needs of each space and direct.

Explore a little more

We invite you to learn more about the characteristics and advantages of the new X FRAME spotlight, as well as all the utilities.

Contact Stonex as an official distributor in Spain and request a demo of the equipment.

About Stonex

Stonex is a distributor of leading brands in the professional lighting and control sector, in addition to having an engineering team for the development of lighting and stage mechanics projects in the entertainment and architectural sectors.

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