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Students from various educational programs come to Stonex to learn about Professional Lighting

The students of the Master of Ephemeral Architecture of the Polytechnic University of Madrid and of the Superior Degree in Image and Sound of the IES Luis Buñuel de Móstoles have made formative visits to the Stonex facilities, where they have been able to learn and establish in a practical way all the concepts of professional lighting and control.

Stonex is constantly committed to training in lighting and control for professionals in the sector and opens the doors to students who will design the lighting of the future. During the visits, the students have received a masterclass on lighting, appropriate to their different studies, and have been able to interact and experiment with the Stonex showroom equipment.

Students receive hands-on training in innovative lighting solutions

Stonex has a renovated training room, equipped with the latest technology for training. In its large showroom, Stonex has installed the latest lighting from leading brands such as Ayrton, Claypaky, ETC and Portman Lights.

The moving heads of AyrtonWith its great benefits, make it possible for students to understand all the possibilities that their gobos and prisms allow, as well as how to control lighting with precision, using concepts such as zoom, iris, dimmer and trimming blades.

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The students, in addition to know the transition to LED and all the advantages in energy efficiency that it raises, they have been able to discover new innovative technologies of the brand ClaypakyLike laser lighting of its new luminaires Xtylos and Xtylos Mini.

All cuts like ETC's new Source Four Led Series 3 They help to illuminate stages and ephemeral architecture assemblies, in addition to their use in theater, achieving precise and amazing results in their color and lighting quality, thanks to their innovative technology of 8 colors. Features that also have their equipment for film and television such as the new fos / 4 Panels and fos / 4 Fresnel.

El lighting control is another of the essential aspects that must be mastered, so in the Stonex showroom, the students were able to see first-hand the professional lighting control tables de Ma Lighting and ETC, with its high level of processing and reliability for programming large shows.

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Rigging and stage mechanics, closely linked to lighting

Something closely linked to enlightenment is the rigging and stage mechanics, in which Stonex also has extensive experience. Thanks to this, the students have been able to learn about motorization control solutions, the main structures and schemes to lift structures, people and create amazing effects.

In Technical Attention Service, with more than 300m², students can check the technical operation of the equipment and how its mechanisms and components act inside, to understand the first level professional lighting equipment and all the potential of use that they have with their features.

About Stonex

Stonex is a distributor of leading brands in the professional lighting and control sector, in addition to having an engineering team for the development of lighting and stage mechanics projects in the entertainment and architectural sectors. Within its innovation in lighting, it has ultraviolet disinfection solutions for all types of spaces and a careful technical attention service.

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