Ayrton Hurricane LT 4

Ayrton presents the Huracán-LT, its first long-range LED moving head

Ayrton launches its new long-range LED luminaire. The new Huracán-LT offers an ultra-intense beam, with the great precision of its smaller brothers, but with adequate power for long distances. Ayrton's new luminaire offers an excellent solution for large spaces such as pavilions or stadiums.

Ayrton's commitment to innovation and research has made it possible to develop a large 225mm lens weighing only 7 kg. This balance enables the Huracán LT to create an ultra-intense beam while maintaining all the precision and finesse of a small-size, high-performance moving head. The optical equipment is composed of 13 lenses to ensure an optical zoom with a 15: 1 ratio and a beam with a variable aperture between 3.5º and 53º.

Hurricane-LT achieves an output of 51.000 lumens at a color temperature of 6700 Kelvin. Ayrton is constantly working to develop energy efficient luminaires like the new Huracán. The luminaire incorporates a high efficiency 1000 watt LED that is complemented by a large liquid cooling system.

All the precision and creative options of a Huracán Profile, now also for large Pavilions and Stadiums

Teams Ayrton They offer an excellent variety of creative options in the areas of color, gobos and clipping. The Huracán-LT has been equipped with the same revolutionary color mixing technology as the Huracán Profile, offering a double level of saturation, capable of generating one trillion colors. In addition, it has a 6-position complementary color wheel.

The cutouts allow to cover 100% of the surface from any position. The Huracán-LT equips a diffusion filter to blur the edges of the beam and a linear frost filter capable of creating artificial wash effects.

Ayrton Hurricane LT 5

The Huracán-LT's creative options are complemented by an excellent effects section, as the flagship of the French brand. The two gobo wheels include 7 HD gobos each, as well as a monochrome effects wheel for horizontal, vertical or axial scrolling, with which to create spectacular water, flame or radial effects. The two combinable prisms with 4 and 5 faces respectively and a 15-blade iris make the Huracán-LT a great option for creating stunning effects.

Ayrton's Hurricane-LT, of which Stonex is the official distributor in Spain, it is consolidated as an exceptional option for a long-range beam moving head, capable of offering a precise performance in large spaces such as pavilions and stadiums, maintaining a great quality and variety of creative possibilities for spectacular lighting.

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