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Innovation and energy efficiency, protagonists in the reunion at the Stonex Stand in Afial 2021

During Afial 2021 the sector met again to learn about the latest in lighting and professional control from Stonex. Technological innovation and energy efficiency are consolidated as the keys to carry out the technological transition. At the Stonex space, attendees were able to get to know some of the star products up close, in addition to receiving personalized technical advice.

Energy efficiency and innovation was represented in the innovative moving heads of Ayrton. This is the case of the new Perseo Beam by Ayrton, a multifunction luminaire with a compact and protection IP65. They could also be tested the compact and quiet Diablo, focus profile Eurus and Karif-LT, a versatile luminaire designed for perfect performance in long-distance applications.

Ayrton Stonex 2021

On the other hand, Stonex presented the innovative laser technology of the Xtylos and Mini Xtylos de Clay Paky, with which it is possible to create beams of colors as bright as white light beams, with great efficiency and a very compact size. Technological evolution was also present with the Ring Profile MP, much more compact and with an interchangeable module technology to change the cutouts into gobos. In addition to the Mini B, the most compact moving head of the Italian brand.

claypaky afial 2021

In the stage mechanics section, it was possible to know the Movecat installation scheme that reaches a SIL3 safety level and how to adapt to the new UNE-EN17206 standard. Lumen Radio's new combined wireless DMX protocol was another novelty at Afial 2021, along with Portman's new Mantis, a decorative fixture that left no one indifferent.

Innovation and Precision in Lighting for Film and Television

Attendees were able to see the ETC brand new lighting for Film and Television. The new LED panels fos / 4 Panels and fos / 4 Fresnel ETC's commitment to exceptional color quality, thanks to the 8 color technology. Another novelty that could be tested with this technology was the new Source Four LED Series 3. Thanks to the Deep Red tone that they incorporate, they offer a better color output and highlight skin tones.

etc year 2021

The new ETC equipment has wireless DMX and great energy efficiency, as is the case with ColourSource Spot Jr and Source 4WRD, a fast, simple and cheap solution to make the transition to LED. All equipment could be controlled by ETC's Gio @ 5 lighting control table.

etc. fos4 fresnel

GrandMA3 establishes itself as a powerful and stable control solution

In Afial 2021 it was also possible to know all the news of the new version 1.6 of grandMA3, with great improvements in workflow and utilities, which consolidate the professional control software as a powerful, robust and very reliable solution to make any show come true without putting limits on your imagination.

With the new version, visitors were able to test the GrandMA3 Light, Compact and Command Wing XT consoles, accompanied by expert advice on the lighting control tables by MA Lighting.

ma lighting year 2021

Culture and Safe Spaces have effective tools for infection prevention

Despite the decrease in the pandemic rates, the consumer has changed and demands safe spaces in which the prevention of infections is guaranteed, not only of coronavirus, but of any pathogen that affects health.

Devices ultraviolet disinfection for spaces that work on surfaces, objects and air, they were one of the great innovations in Afial, and they provide spaces with the necessary tools to guarantee effective infection prevention.

ultraviolet disinfection afial2021

One more year, it was possible to meet again and see each other again, enjoying the latest news in the sector. Under the motto #LightTheFuture Stonex is committed to innovation and energy efficiency, to help its clients carry out the technological transition process in the most appropriate way and provide the sector with all the appropriate tools for the lighting of the future.

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