safe return to classrooms

How to ensure a safe return to the classroom with infection prevention

The return to the classrooms will be mostly face-to-face due to the great advance in vaccination and the experience acquired during the past year. Work in the infection prevention It is essential to create safe classrooms, not only against covid, but also against other more common diseases that already caused infections before the pandemic. Classes are closed spaces, where groups of students meet, which makes it important to follow some key recommendations.

Social distance, capacity control, blendedness, staggered entry and exit, and classroom ventilation are basic and well-known measures that have been implemented so far, but How can we effectively prevent infections in the classroom? Now that we are getting closer to normal? Once we recover the presence and capacity, the prevention of infections in general will continue to be a key element for the well-being of the students.

Air disinfection, key to a safe return to the classroom

One of the best known recommendations was the ventilation of the classrooms, opening the windows and measuring the CO2 levels to check that the air was being renewed. However, the measure is not entirely effective and creates problems for teachers and students when the weather is colder and there are drafts. Air purifiers also began to be used, although their filtering power is limited and the dense filters reduce the flow of air to be renewed.

La air disinfection with uvc It has proven to be one of the most effective options. In the case of Stonex solutions, they achieve a disinfection raten higher than 99.93% and its use is totally safe with the students in the classroom or people in general in any other space, compared to other options such as ionization and ozone, or chemical disinfection.

DNA strands broken by the effect of ultraviolet radiation for disinfection

Ultraviolet radiation directly attacks the genetic material of microorganisms, thus preventing them from performing their vital functions. In this way, viruses, bacteria, fungi, yeasts and protozoa are inactivated, preventing them from causing infections instead of simply filtering a percentage. The ventilation system renews the air with the active pathogens from the disinfected air.

The different equipment available allows adapting to different sizes of classrooms, but also cover larger and especially critical spaces such as common areas, dining rooms or sports spaces, with mobile options without expensive installations.

Ultraviolet technology is also highly effective for disinfecting surfaces in educational settings.

La ultraviolet disinfection it is very effective for disinfecting surfaces. Although the main transmissibility of covid is through the air, disinfection of surfaces continues to play a very important role in creating safe spaces. The use of germicidal ultraviolet light lamps is a very suitable complement to the cleaning protocols of schools, institutes, universities and educational centers.

This teams have the same effectiveness as air solutions but must be used without people in the space, since the radiation emitted that disinfects surfaces and objects is harmful to humans. To do this, they have all the relevant security measures such as timers, a delayed start and motion sensors that prevent anyone from being exposed.

Cleaning staff can leave equipment sanitizing while cleaning another classroom or space and move it through the different spaces, thus creating classes and safe environments, with a reinforced cleaning protocol, which guarantees effective disinfection. Using a professional team such as Stonex guarantees not only adequate equipment, but also the verification that the space is being disinfected correctly, with the use of dosimeters and other elements, which provide reliability, traceability and peace of mind for the center, workers and employees. students.

UVC_City Country School
Surface disinfection at City Country School

This ultraviolet technology from Stonex and Goldensea UV already it is used successfully in schools such as the City Country School in Madrid for the disinfection of the key spaces of the educational center, guaranteeing the safety of the students and reinforcing their disinfection protocols.

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