grandma3 on pc rack unit by ma lighting

MA Lighting presents a new grandMA3 onPC control solution in rack format

MA launches the new grandMA3 onPC in 19 ”rack format for fixed installationss like theaters, shopping malls or TV studios that need a reliable lighting control solution. The new grandMA3 onPC Rack Unit exploits the full potential of the new version 1.5 of MA3, offering a independent lighting control system, excellent for shows that run automatically, such as in theme parks and architectural lighting.

The new control solution MA Lighting It is a powerful hardware with embedded grandMA3 onPC software, which allows you to enjoy all the features of the grandMA3 consoles, being able to control up to 2048 parameters. The Rack Unit can be combined with other onPC products to achieve a controllability of up to 4096 parameters.

MA has worked to offer a simple use of the control equipment, to which it is enough to connect a keyboard, a mouse and a screen to enjoy all the benefits, without having to worry about anything else. The new solution in rack format has the capacity to support 2 multi-touch screens for control.

As it is a hardware with the resources dedicated exclusively to the onPC software and the lighting control, guarantees absolute stability and reliability, so you don't have to worry about any other performance details that a conventional computer may have. This allows it to function as an exceptional backup unit and is a very suitable choice among the professional lighting control tables.

A powerful replay tool for installations

La grandMA3 on PC Rack Unit It has all the necessary connections (DMXOut / Inputs, MIDI In / Out, Timecode and DC remote) to be an exceptional playback device, as well as a powerful control solution.

Capacities are increased thanks to possibility of combining it with other onPC products such as a Commandwing and up to two Fader Wings, to act as a complete and reliable backup unit for your grandMA3 onPC control system, but also for grandMA3 consoles, where it will assume up to a maximum of 250000 parameters.

With this new team onPC, MA, of which Stonex is the official distributor in Spain, it covers all the needs of fixed installations, offering a robust and reliable lighting control and backup solution, which guarantees the success of any show in all conditions, without limiting creative options and workflow .

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