air disinfection in dental clinics

Air Disinfection in Dental Clinics, key to creating a safe space

The pandemic has strengthened and praised infection prevention measures in healthcare facilities. The presence of aerosols in the workstations makes it necessary to expand prevention measures to protect our medical staff, workers and patients. In addition, clients give much more value to prevention measures in health centers and it can be a key factor in the decision to choose the clinic to attend, looking for safe spaces.

The existing infection prevention protocols have been strengthened, taking measures to reduce the generation of aerosols during interventions and following some recommendations for air renewal. The urgency generated by the pandemic led in many cases to opt for basic measures such as ventilation or air purifiers in waiting rooms and even other solutions such as ionization and the use of ozone, which, due to their danger to humans, cannot be used with people in work and waiting spaces.

Which air disinfection option is the most suitable?

The 2020 Cochrane review called "Interventions to reduce contaminated aerosols produced during dental procedures for the prevention of infectious diseases", concludes that ionization is effective in reducing aerosols in the environment, but the organisms present in it , would remain viable and therefore have the ability to produce infections.

The use of ozone is also harmful to humans therefore, it requires that people not be present in the space while disinfection is being carried out, and proper subsequent ventilation, which is why it is not one of the most suitable options.

Other options that have been used initially have been air purifiers, which use HEPA filters, generally high filtration (13 or 14). In this case, there is no disinfection of the environment, but the purifiers filter the aerosols, leaving the pathogens in the filters. The drawback of filter purifiers is that they are not capable of filtering very small microorganisms and they slow down the air flow., substantially reducing the number of renewals per hour.

DNA strands broken by the effect of ultraviolet radiation for disinfection

Air disinfection using Type C Ultraviolet Light has proven to be one of the most effective options for air disinfection, being capable of inactivating microorganisms and allowing its use with people in space in a totally safe way, as it does not release ozone or chemical substances. Because they do not require dense filters, the UV-C disinfection equipment they are capable of renewing large amounts of air.

How do ultraviolet light air disinfection equipment make our clinic a safe space?

Type C Ultraviolet Radiation damages the genetic material of microorganisms, preventing them from developing their vital functions and therefore reproducing and causing infections. Dental clinics such as Cloe Clinic in Madrid, have installed UV-C air disinfection equipment such as the Goldensea UVAIR 108, by the Stonex company, which has a microorganism reduction rate of 99,93%, certified by the Biotec laboratory.

By guaranteeing safe use with people in the space, certified by the studies of non-emission of external radiation of the laboratory of the University of Hamburg and the Spanish company CandelTEC, it is possible to carry out an efficient and continuous disinfection of all spaces, while for example an intervention is being carried out or there are clients in the waiting room.

In addition, the teams They comply with the Spanish regulations UNE0068 that regulates the safety and use of equipment where ultraviolet technology is used. Dr. Víctor Begara from the Cloe Clinic, affirms that "the use of certified air disinfection equipment offers us the guarantee of improving the safety of our spaces and our patients in a simple way".

cloe uvair clinic

Each filtering bag mobile UVAIR devices like the 108, allow the equipment to be moved between different spaces such as boxes, laboratories and waiting rooms. Its ease of use and all its smart functions that allow you to control the devices with a simple mobile application, together with the advice and service of Stonex, mean that you do not have to worry about anything while keeping your clinic safe.

La UV-C air disinfection, in addition to guaranteeing high efficiency and safety, protecting workers and clients, it is a claim for patients who come to clinics, who can check how effective disinfection equipment is used.

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