ClayPaky Xtylos Acqua and Mini Xtylos

Clay Paky increases the Xtylos family with the new Mini Xtylos and Xtylos Acqua

Clay Paky presents the new Mini Xtylos, the compact version of its successful older brother, and launches the Xtylos Acqua, the model with IP66 protection. The Mini Xtylos maintains the same output and color consistency, but in a small footprint. A very compact and light fixture, weighing only 9kg. The new RGB laser source luminaire offers a cheaper and faster option in movements, thanks to its compact format.

The Xtylos Mini will be available in two versions, the standard version, with a power of 12W and the HPE version, with a power of 20W. The luminaire has a 1º exit angle and, although it does not have an optical zoom, it is capable of reaching 4º aperture when using the prism. The moving spotlight offers a linear CTO from 2500K to 6500K.

Claypaky MiniXtylosHPE 02

The new compact version has great possibilities to create unique effects, thanks to its infinite rotation, the high speed of movements that its light format allows, and the two rotating prisms, one with 16 pyramidal faces and the other linear with 6 faces. It features a frost filter to blur the beam and a fast digital strobe effect.

The Mini Xtylos is a unique luminaire on the market due to its photometric characteristics, is capable of offering an intensity of 2.5 Mcd in its HPE version at 1º opening with a consumption of only 20W. This relationship between power and consumption, and its compact size, is only possible thanks to its innovative RGB laser source. The laser source is capable of producing deep, saturated colors without any visible hot spots, using the Turbo Color system.

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The Xtylos can now be enjoyed in extreme conditions thanks to the new Xtylos Acqua

The Xtylos now has a version with IP66 protection to ensure superb performance in extreme conditions. In addition to protection, Clay Paky has included a fan to remove condensation from the lenses, ensuring a stable and consistent output.

The new Xtylos Acqua maintains the design and all the features that characterize the Xtylos, such as its RGB laser source capable of creating a uniform beam with bright and saturated colors and its aperture of 1 to 7º, which can reach an aperture of 0.5º with beam reducers.

Claypaky XtylosAqua pic01

The Xtylos Acqua's wide range of creative options makes it possible to create spectacular and inspiring aerial effects. The fixture is equipped with two gobo wheels, one with 7 rotating gobos and the other static with 12 gobos, plus a wheel with 3 prisms and a 16-sided prism on a dedicated channel.  

With these new teams, Clay Paky, Which Stonex is a distributor in Spain, offers unique lighting solutions, based on its RGB laser light source, excellent for generating light beams with magnificent consistency and performance. The new Xtylos Acqua equipment guarantee magnificent performance in extreme conditions and the Mini Xtylos are a very compact and lightweight solution, with great performance and creative options.

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