new GrandMA3 software version

MA Lighting launches version 1.5 of MA3 with great news and an improved workflow

MA launches a new version of the MA3 software with a battery of new functionalities aimed at improving workflow and enhancing lighting possibilities and experience. MA1.5 version 3 also solves known bugs, establishing itself as a robust and stable software.

The version 1.5 of MA3 brings with it important improvements in the menus and tools, which allow to have a improved navigation and workflow, with new views and display options with more data. The new software not only includes new functionalities but improvements and advances in those already known so far, increasing the number of options.

One of the great novelties is the Agenda function, which allows you to execute commands in a programmed way and to schedule events repeatedly, for example, every Friday at a certain time or every Christmas. The new function allows us to easily move through the lists, the calendar of the year, month, week or day and schedule our programming on a certain date and time.

The Playback Engine now has the absolute and relative layers separated, allowing you to easily combine absolute and relative data from different presets. The behavior of the Stomp function has been improved again. When stomping relative multistep phasers, steps 2 and above will be erased and the relative values ​​will be set to 0. The values ​​from step 1 will be set to the default values ​​on the absolute layer and 0 on the relative layer. Now it is possible to execute the stomp directly when we call a preset.

The new DMX curves that we can configure to measure improve the lighting experience. We can use them, for example, so that a value of 100% of the dimmer attribute of only a maximum output of 90% if we need to limit it or that a DMX channel works as a switch. In addition, we can configure curves to medium to achieve a perfect dimerization, to our liking.

The Special Values ​​allow modifying the default values, and the highlight and lowlight values ​​per team instead of using the values ​​defined by the fixture type. What's more, now it is possible to define a Pan Offset and a Tilt Offset per unit. This is very useful when the show has been pre-programmed or is a tour show and some equipment is not positioned exactly as planned or even accidentally moves during the show.

New improvements also in navigation and visualization and the onPC version

The Patch and Live Menu now allows you to download types of equipment from the web in GDTF format and store a local copy. Through the GDTF share website, users and manufacturers can share their files and be valued by the community. MA1.5 software 3 has a new export and import menu.

The visualization in the cues and parts of the programmer has been improved to simplify it and enhance the workflow. The 3D window now displays more Iris attributes (isRandomPulseClose and IrisRandomPulseOpen). The separate beams of multi-pixel equipment are merged into a single beam and you can choose how they are rendered. The transition between gobos and slots is now visible in the 3D window.

Connection with up to 4 touch screens

This new version also includes improvements and new functionality for the onPC versions of MA3, which now supports USB MIDI interfaces and audio selection which should be used when using the audio input in the grandMA3 on PC software. Now it is possible to merge the content of an MVR file with the show file, choosing for each team if they want to apply the new changes or not.

The new update consolidates MA, of which Stonex is the official distributor in Spain, as one of the lighting control solutions with the highest capacity, reliability and workflow.

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