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BCM shines brighter than ever with its complete lighting and effects renovation by Stonex

Under the claim BE THE FIRST, the Cursach Group has opted for its BCM nightclub in Mallorca with an innovative and novel project both in the lighting and in the motorization of its spaces where they have had the Stonex proposal with brands such as MA lighting, ClayPaky , Ayrton and Movecat.

The aim of Cursach Group, which includes not only several nightclubs in Mallorca, but also restaurants and hotels, is to be at the forefront with its facilities and offer the highest quality in its entertainment and service offers, so every year or every two years it renews its room. In addition, it seeks to prepare for the return of the new normal and has not hesitated to bet on the latest technology to open its doors.

"We wanted to do something new, new and different and the Stonex project was chosen"

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This multi-month project sought “do something novel, new and different " as Daniel Morales, director of lighting for the space, points out and that together with the lighting manager, Alex Cooper, they achieved the objective they were pursuing. "Aesthetically we have achieved the result we wanted (...) we were very clear about the project and what we wanted and we spent three months before budgeting creating and devising the project.

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A joint effort that “cWith Stonex's proposal and the result, we have achieved what we wanted and we are very satisfied ”, Daniel points out, and that he has managed to provide them with the solution that adapted to their lighting and creative needs thanks to the combination of emblematic brands and the highest quality in the world of entertainment.

The room has a capacity of approximately 5000 people and 4000 m2, available for fun and offer the best moments of leisure with friends and offer the best memories of fun.

One of the main objectives of the project was to renew the technology from the room to a new full version of LED solutions, in search of energy saving among one of the many advantages provided by this new technology.

A great bet in lighting to be at the forefront

The material chosen to give light, color and movement to this spectacular room, is a combination of products that begins with 12 units of A. Leda Wash K10 by Clay Paky, which fulfill the function of illuminating the scenic part and bringing vivid colors to the show. This spot provides excellent shades of white and has a library of pre-programmed graphic effects with which operators can customize the intensity of each color, the rate of change and much more.

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The choice of those responsible for lighting to give one of the creative effects was the 24 units A.leda B-Eye K10 by Clay Paky. It is a device prepared to offer effects combined with a high-performance wash light, which provides that differentiating effect. Likewise, it works as a beam light incorporating the best visual effects. This versatility makes it a great creative tool.

We must add the 16 strobe units, Stormy CC from Clay Paky that creates an atmosphere with light hits. The lighting directive was very clear about that choice. Along with them, the 8 units Ayrton's Ghibli With a sophisticated selection of gobos and colors, they meet the needs of any space designed for entertainment.

A suggested bet and chosen for the versatility that this spotlight gives, was the choice of 18 units of beam-spot Karif-LT by Ayrton, which in addition to functioning as a spot and wash has the option of concentrating more light, offering a perfect play of light and color for the room.  

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Thanks to the prior knowledge and use of the emblematic MA2 control table, its lighting director, Daniel Morales, wanted to go one step further and move forward, how could it be otherwise, betting on the new model of the GrandMA3 Light, de MA Lighting.  This new version stands out for adapting to the space and providing the necessary versatility for optimal use, with some more outstanding functionalities, such as the reprogramming capacity that saves time on stage, the adaptation with 3D visualization and the ability to expand and have new devices that adapt to the requests of the show. All of them facilitate a new experience, as well as the management and design of all kinds of shows.

A spectacular movement show fills the center of the track

As a final cap, the 18 variable speed motors Movecat. VMK-S, they are in charge of giving movement to the three circular trusses and six semicircles that are in the center of the track when and they offer the public great effects and a show of movement, light and color in space. All this together with the control of the Movecat V-Motion motors that offers monitoring and programming of the space in detail.

In addition, the motorization of the space allows the maintenance of the room in a fast and professional way, offering versatility in the assembly and design of the room.

Although it has not yet been opened to the public, Daniel Morales points out "It has not yet been launched with the public, but we look forward to doing so in 2022". Undoubtedly, the great commitment of the Cursach Group aims to offer an avant-garde and innovative space that becomes an emblematic space on the island.


In Spain, the company Stonex is the official distributor of Ayrton, Claypaky, Movecat and MA Lighting, among other well-known brands. As a national benchmark in professional lighting and scenic engineering, Stonex has more than 40 years of experience offering comprehensive solutions for the entertainment, architecture, and emergency lighting sectors; ranging from the design, supply, installation and maintenance of stage equipment and premium lighting

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