The barber of Seville uses Ayrton's Perseo luminaires in an outdoor production

The San Francisco Opera staged The Barber of Seville in the open air using Ayrton's Perseus

The San Francisco Opera uses Ayrton's Perseo-S luminaires in an outdoor production of Rossini's The Barber of Seville at the Marin Center in San Rafael, California. Perseo spotlights are a compact multifunction luminaire with an IP65 degree of protection and developed for intensive outdoor use. 

The Barber of Seville, directed by Matthew Ozawa, was performed from April 23 to May 15 at the Marin Center, 15 minutes from San Francisco, where the public parked their cars next to the lagoon with the beautiful hills of Marin in the background . From their vehicles they saw Rosini's opera, in a custom built stage for production, with large LED screens.

"We've had concerts before in Golden Gate Park, but nothing of this magnitude has been produced abroad in the three years I've been with the company," says Justin Partier, lighting director at the San Francisco Opera. “We looked at various locations and found the Marin Center to be the best location. So we built a set and used the set from a Fidelio production not yet celebrated, in a new setting. "

ayrton perseo stage
Montage of the Ayrton Perseus in the open-air opera production

Partier states that The lighting team was looking for a fixture that offered masking, gobos, color and diffusion, and was also small enough to fit inside the set. The spotlights also had to be able to withstand the elements during the three weeks of performance of the opera. Ayrton's Perseo-S met all those requirements.

“The luminaires had to be small and bright, as they were the only way to illuminate the stage from the side and standing light positions,” explains Partier. “They also had to be suitable for outdoor use. 

Notes that Perseus gobos were widely used in production and explains that "every time the four rear walls of the video panels were in the open position, we painted gobos on them with the prism." The gobos were especially effective in the storm and shave sequences.

After using them in production, Partier says that "The Perseuses looked great and were actually much brighter for their size than I thought."

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