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MA Lighting, ClayPaky and Ayrton shine one more year at Eurovision

The most anticipated event of the year, Eurovision 2021, was held on May 22 in the Dutch city of Rotterdam. All 39 countries have participated in the spectacular Ahoy Arena show, where MA Lighting, Claypaky and Ayrton, the premium lighting brands represented in Spain by Stonex, among others, once again took center stage.

Although the scenario has been redesigned, the technical set up of the last 2020 edition, which was canceled due to the pandemic, has been maintained. The show that moves countless moving heads, control tables and rigging structures has been possible thanks to the great effort of a qualified human team.

All this so that millions of eurofans and 3.500 attendees enjoy a unique gala, with 20% of the capacity, but with great energy and television audience.

The large production has required more than 7000m of fiber cable to transport 305sACN and 37 Art-Net universes in redundant mode at 10Gbps. The installation connects 10 dimcities with a total of 65 nodes for DMX and 32 switches for information distribution.

Lighting, one of the highlights of the gala

Lighting has been one of the stars of the night. Henk-Jan van Beek's lighting design has specified a wide variety of luminaires, with a large presence of spotlights mounted on the grill but also on the ground.

Claypaky has been represented with the presence of 481 Xtylos, its innovative moving spotlights with a custom made laser light source that achieves powerful, concentrated and colorful beams.

The show has included 386 Ayrton luminaires to create the overall atmosphere and effects. Among them are 180 Huracán-X profile spotlights, 161 for the show and 19 as main light for television.

58 of the Ayrton Huracán X have been connected to the Follow-Me system, with 3 targets available in the MA Lighting GrandMA3. In addition, 64 Karif-LTs have been used, offering a versatile and ideal solution for long-throw applications.

The creative options have been completed with 140 MiniPanel-FX, a solution of small size, but with a lot of opportunities that have been showcased during the show.

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One of the biggest shows of the year requires great lighting control

Eurovision is always one of the great live shows and this year, one of the first great shows to take place after the pandemic. A large production requires a control solution to match, for which, once again, we have resorted to MA Lighting.

The control of The gala was held taking advantage of the potential of 12 GrandMA3 Light, 10 placed on FOH and 2 on the floor for more detail. For this, 32 units of Processing Units have been used divided into three sessions in a network.

In Spain, the Stonex company is an official distributor Claypaky, Ayrton and MA Lighting, among other well-known brands. As a national benchmark in professional lighting and stage engineering, Stonex has more than 41 years of experience offering comprehensive solutions for the entertainment, architectural, and emergency lighting sectors; ranging from the design, supply, installation and maintenance of stage equipment and premium lighting.

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