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Air disinfection in the presence of people with UV-C technology

One of the great concerns of business is how to reuse spaces 100% and turn them into safe environments. Technology becomes essential to offer solutions such as air disinfection through UV-C technology, allowing large-volume spaces to be disinfected to guarantee the quality of the air we breathe and its disinfection in all types of professional environments.

The return to normality seems closer and closer and, with it, the appearance of new technological tools that offer the security and confidence for a safe return. Among them, air disinfection through UV-C lighting has gained prominence and has positioned itself as one of the safest and most reliable options to make your environment and space safer.

Ultraviolet technology for air disinfection has been developed

To date, applications of ultraviolet disinfection through the disinfection of the air that allows to disinfect the spaces through UV-C technology in the presence of people.

Solutions such as the UVAir 300F, which offers virus inactivation - including SARS-CoV2 - as well as all kinds of bacteria and fungi, allow the disinfection of large volumes of air, making it an indispensable option for large spaces such as institutions, museums, waiting rooms or television, among others.

Covering an area of ​​up to 1.200 m3 / h per hour, it offers four ventilation speeds. From silent, low and medium to maximum level and allows better air disinfection. The higher the air circulation per hour, the higher the level of protection.

An effective solution for large spaces

In addition, considering its use in large spaces, all devices can be controlled through the mobile and Tablet with its mobile application, being able to program the four available air cycles, as well as the time ranging from 60 to 120 minutes or in continued, adapting to the needs of users.

One of the great advantages of using this type of solution is that it includes a pre-filter that captures dust particles, in addition to ultraviolet light tubes that guarantee air disinfection, inactivating 99,9% of microorganisms and pathogens. . And additionally, it includes an activated carbon after filter for greater purification and odor control.

The use of HEPA filters in this type of device is one of the great debates. It should be taken into account that HEPA filters increase the resistance of the air flow. This supposes a decrease in the density of the air that it disinfects. For this reason, solutions such as UVAIR 300-F, having ultraviolet technology, but without HEPA filtration, is capable of moving and disinfecting a greater volume of air.

uv air 300 f breakdown

The solutions for UV-C air disinfection such as UVAir 300-F are distributed by Stonex in Spain. Manufactured by GoldenSeaUV, they are CE certified and have the germicidal efficacy of Type C Ultraviolet Radiation (UV-C), which reaches its maximum point around 250-265 nm. These penetrate the cell wall of microorganisms, producing irreparable damage to their genetic material DNA and RNA and preventing them from developing their vital cellular functions of growth and replication, thus eliminating their ability to cause infections.

This type of new technology for air disinfection with UV-C has already been successfully applied in Public Institutions. The town councils of the Madrid municipalities of Serna del Monte and Gascones, have opted for the UVAir 216 solution, to disinfect their spaces in the presence of people. Your workers and customers can now work safely.

Solutions such as the UVAIR 300-F and its smaller and mobile counterparts such as UVAir 216 and UVAir 108, represent the solution for all types of businesses and spaces of all sizes that require effective and safe disinfection in the presence of people, adapting to all types of companies, small and business areas from the health sector to other large spaces such as theaters, movie theaters, film sets, stadiums, auditoriums, museums, shopping centers, airports, leisure areas, gyms and restaurants, as well as, in any type of industry.

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