uv disinfection cabin

UV4C-H, the solution for the disinfection of all kinds of objects and accessories

Stonex offers the most innovative solution with its new UV4C-H disinfection cabinet from GoldenseaUV, effective for the disinfection of small and medium-sized objects.

Cultural spaces seek the solution to turn your spaces into safe environments and, with it, new solutions that allow them not only to disinfect the air or surfaces, but also small objects.

Solutions such as UV4C-H, are especially useful for professionals in the world of entertainment, television, radio, events and visits to museums, among other types of spaces, who need to obtain maximum safety in the daily use of their electronic accessories how: microphones, headphones, in ear, intercoms, identification cards, etc.


The agility of work that a space has in its day to day, requires solutions that in an easy and fast way allow objects to be disinfected. For this reason, the cabin has three systems: disinfection in 10 minutes, drying in 30 minutes, which also eliminates all types of humidity. And the third system that combines both functions: disinfection plus drying in 30 minutes. The drying option offers greater reliability in the disinfection of objects, since it removes the degree of humidity from the elements, allowing a more effective disinfection.

This closet is large enough to sanitize multiple items, with its three available shelves, and small enough to fit anywhere you need to, as well as being lightweight to transport.

The process is simple. It consists of opening our cabin; deposit inside the desired devices for disinfection; choose between the three types of disinfection programs available and wait for the marked time. When an audible alarm warns us, we can open the cabin again and our disinfected utensils will be ready to be used again without risk.


The use of UV-C ultraviolet light for surface treatment is a disinfectant solution that contributes in a safe and efficient way to the inactivation of enveloped viruses, including SARS-CoV 2, bacteria, fungi, yeasts, protozoa and various spores. . Therefore, it leads to a disinfection of 99,9% of the treated objects, when used correctly.

In addition, devices for disinfection of surfaces STONEX GoldenSea UVC use the wavelength of the ultraviolet spectrum of 253,7 nanometers (nm), which has been shown to be the most effective in destroying the molecular structure of DNA and RNA in microbial cells, such as those of SARS-CoV 2. From this way it achieves its inactivation and cancels its growth and replication mechanism, thus eliminating its properties to produce infections.


The UV4C-H cabinet is made of irradiation resistant materials, providing maximum safety during operation. If it detects an inadvertent opening, it is automatically and immediately deactivated.

Integrated with the latest technology in UV-C, they do not generate ozone, or use chemicals, avoiding leaving any residue. In addition, it consists of all the CE certificates required to offer security in all areas. Learn more about the product and Stonex UV disinfection solutions here.


STONEX is dedicated to integrating professional lighting and control solutions. 40 years of experience in the professional lighting sector, more than 500 projects and the trust of more than 1.500 clients guarantee the professionalism of a team in constant training and development. Our know-how in the demanding world of professional lighting has allowed us to develop in transversal lines such as UV-C lighting, emergency lighting and mechanics in scenic spaces.


Leading high-tech lighting design and manufacturing company, Golden Sea Professional. The great team of experts that make up this Brand guarantees that the quality, safety, and performance of the products are of the highest level. All GSUV products are CE, ETL, and FCC compliance.

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