mecano musical cross of razors with lighting by claypaky, ma, ayrton, etc

Cruz de Navajas, light and color in homage to Mecano

The lights are turned on for the tribute show to Mecano Navajas Cross. The lighting designer, Pau Fullana, is in charge of making this new show shine even more if possible, since the end of April and opens on May 5. As it could not be missing, a whole deployment of technology from the hand of big brands such as Claypaky, Ayrton, ETC, Movecat and MA Lighting, in control.

Razor cross takes the music of Mecano to another level, with a spectacular staging of singers, dancers and musicians. This musical is an initiative of Fadeout Studios and is produced by Gonzalo Pérez Pastor. For its production, it has had an impressive scenography formed by transparent LED screens through which the musicians are discovered. Their movement, vatican under the Movecat variable speed motors and combined with dynamic lighting that creates different atmospheres.

In it they recreate from subtle (light), ethereal atmospheres, to large explosions of light and color. And to achieve this transformation, the work of Pau Fullana, staged as an illuminator of the show. The process of creating this blockbuster has been the result of continuous collaboration and parallel work between the creators of the different elements of the show. Its spectacularity, staging and rhythm make it a performance that all generations will enjoy equally.

A great display of stage lighting technology

Among the material chosen to give light and color to this show, which has been supplied by Fluge Audiovisuales, Ayrton's Ghibli mobile lights stand out that placed in the upper part of the stage serve as “against” lighting and project different gobos on the stage creating aerial structures.

With them, the Aleda K10 by Claypaky have been installed that function as wash during most of the show but also as a beam at certain times. With just five units, the entire stage is covered in uniform light and vibrant colors.

Furthermore, ETC's Source Four LED Series 2 were included in the streets through which the actors entered, illuminating the stage from the sides with adjustable white light and counteracting the brightness of the LED screens that complete the show.

musical by mecano cruz de navajas with great stage lighting
Images provided by Fadeout Studios

For the continuous and vigorous movement of the scenography formed by the screens, the reliability of the Movecat C1 variable speed motors has been counted on, together with their control.

And the final touch to control with the GrandMA2 control table from MA Lighting, highlighting its versatility, power and reliability of the German brand.

This project is a new show format where the latest technology of the stage space is one of the great protagonists and in which, in addition, all the required security measures are taken to enjoy a safe event. A two and a half hour show in which you can enjoy about 40 songs with which to travel through the history of this iconic band.


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Images provided by Fadeout Studios

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