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UVAIR216 the air disinfection solution for public spaces

The Madrid municipalities of Serna del Monte and Gascones are betting on Stonex solutions, UVAIR216 from GoldenseaUV, to purify and disinfect their spaces in the presence of people, without posing a health risk.

La Serna del Monte and Gascones have been the pioneers in equipping themselves with air purification and disinfection devices that have UV-C technology and that allow to keep the air disinfected. The paper of UV-C light is essential in this process, since it is responsible for destroying the molecular structure of the virus's DNA and RNA. Thanks to this, they can guarantee a virus-free regeneration of the air as it destroys its growth cells and / or regenerative cells.

The project carried out by Lighting Space 4U, has had Stonex solutions, equipping with two UVAir216 devices for air disinfection in the municipalities of La Serna del Monte and Gascones.

UVAIR 216 is the ideal solution for air disinfection in small spaces

UVAir216 It is useful when disinfecting viruses and bacteria in the air and in spaces such as large auditoriums or small meeting rooms where we have the presence of people. Not only are they safe in the presence of living beings, but thanks to their technology they operate silently and are not annoying. In addition, the most important thing is that they allow the air quality to be disinfected, making the spaces safer.

In addition, the UVAIR216 technology offers the possibility of being operated in manual mode, by remote control or through its own App. A fast and efficient way to control the ventilation power of the device according to the needs. Its intelligent technology also has a detector that warns of the filter change and a 45º fall detector.

In terms of disinfection of the UV spectrum, the wavelength that has proven to be most effective is between 200nm and 280nm. GoldenseaUV uses a short wave spectrum of UV-C (253,7nm). This is considered the most efficient choice when it comes to disinfecting the space from these agents. In his devices he uses quartz glass tubes since it is a material that allows a complete transmission of UV-C light.

There are numerous studies that have shown how viruses spread through particles. Taking into account the epidemiological situation in which we find ourselves, it is necessary to look for solutions that provide us with certain security when it comes to disinfecting our spaces. The size of these particles is so small that in many cases they exceed the filters that are usually used to purify the air.. That is why UV-C light is essential to attack and eliminate them completely and prevent them from re-entering circulation.

Air purifiers are effective for other viruses and bacteria, but insufficient for those such as SARS-CoV-2. The higher the density of the filter, the more difficult it is for said particles to be able to pass through it, but the density of movement of the air is also highly diminished. We need a high enough air movement density to ensure a safe environment with adequate air quality. This is where the need for these devices to use UV-C light comes into play.

Currently, air disinfection devices with UV-C technology have a greater prominence than just a year ago and have already positioned themselves as one of the best solutions to turn spaces into safe places for the people who are in it.

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