color source thru power

ETC ColorSource ThruPower, the Solution for the Transition from Tungsten to LED

ColorSource ThruPower is the perfect solution for small and medium spaces that want to have a hybrid system of incandescent and LED bulbs. In addition, they are especially suitable for spaces that have a tight budget but want to update their dimmers, and even for new installations of stage lighting who want to have this hybrid system.

Each channel can be a dimmer through which to regulate the incandescence or work as a real direct to power spotlights such as PAR LEDs or Mobiles. ETC ColorSource ThruPower is a simple and inexpensive wall device that can meet all your control needs as technology and equipment may need over time.

Each circuit is fed directly into the panel wiring and goes out to the dimmer and relay inputs. This implies that all circuits can be toggled between relay and immediate dimming without changing any hardware. Its interface is so simple that you only have to change the operation of any circuit locally. Meanwhile, remote changes can be made with the RDM device.

It stands out for its control and ease of use

ColorSource ThruPower has a direct connection that lets you allows combining dimmer and relay inputs. Which means that we can swap between both inputs, without changing any components. This ensures that you are ready for any situation. It is a silent solution by having a cooling system without fans. This allows them to be placed on walkways, corridors and behind the scenes without the need for equipment rooms.

Allows you to make changes to local settings no need for large installations. This not only saves time and maintenance, but is also economical. It is so accessible that the circuit is located at the front and, to protect it, a lockable door can be fitted. This way only authorized operators can make changes without inconvenience.

On the other hand, this system also allows adding rail accessories Additional DIN like Ethernet, Mosaic Show controllers y controls Echo Controls to expand its functionalities.

The ColorSource ThruPower is available in two versions, 12 and 24 circuits. Likewise, we find it available in the option of ACN transmission over Ethernet.


In Spain, Stonex is the exclusive distributor of ETC, among other prominent brands. Its commitment to the development of a professionalized sector goes through the offer of relevant training in the systems that currently predominate in the market. In addition, its technical service is the choice for many international companies, offering support and maintenance on the products of its distributed brands for life.

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