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Ultraviolet disinfection, the must for a safer return to the offices

Ultraviolet light disinfection systems have become essential when it comes to guaranteeing a safer return to the workplace. Not only in the disinfection of surfaces, but also of circulating air when combined with purification systems.

Although teleworking is more common today than it was a year ago, there are many who have progressively raised the progressive return to work centers. This return is a challenge in creating a safe environment for workers. For this, it will be necessary not only a more exhaustive sanitation system but, what is vitally important, guarantee good air quality.  

In the historical context in which we find ourselves, the consequences of an epidemiological outbreak are generally known. Closed environments in which people are concentrated can be a source of transmission of infectious diseases. It is therefore necessary to establish a series of measures that minimize risks and create safe environments.

"Protocol for the reoccupation of buildings during the COVID-19 pandemic"

The AmbiSalud Indoor Air Quality Consultancy has drawn up a "Protocol for the reoccupation of buildings during the COVID-19 pandemic." This document contains a series of recommendations that are intended to minimize infections through the use of the means available in buildings. The recommendations it collects are applicable at times when the pandemic is active. Also, it is applicable in commercial buildings with mechanical ventilation systems, office buildings, shopping malls, transportation centers, schools and universities, etc.

When defining guidelines for action to control epidemics, it is necessary to know how the infective process occurs. In the case of Sars-CoV-2, aerosols play a fundamental role in the spread. Airborne particles can be solid or liquid droplets. In a stable aerosol, the liquid and solid components are homogeneously distributed as suspended particles. These can be exhaled by a nearby subject and become infected.

In general terms, the strategy to follow if we want to break the chain of transmission is to isolate infected or infectious people. We must also take extreme measures of personal hygiene, ventilate and purify to dilute or remove infectious agents from the environment and maximize the hygiene of the environment and facilities. On a personal level, we must all comply with the measures of social distance, hygiene and use of a mask.

Ultraviolet disinfection for a safe return to offices

As with other viruses, it is very important to take into account the infectious capacity of asymptomatic patients. These people usually go to the workplace normally as they do not present symptoms that make them suspect a possible contagion. Droplets smaller than 5 microns can remain suspended in the air for hours in closed environments. Although ventilation has been stipulated as prevention, it does not cause the air to be disinfected, but rather the change of air in a faster way. But, what happens if ventilation with outside air is not possible or we want to provide greater security? This is where devices with ultraviolet disinfection come into play.

The role of filters in air purification

Filters can be effective in reducing environmental viral load. The problem is that filtration systems have limited retention capabilities. The most difficult thing is to transport those particles that circulate in the environment to the filters. Without local fixed or portable purification units, this would not be possible. Obviously, any type of filter is not as effective, which is why experts recommend the use of HEPA filters, but this reduces the air load and the density of the air that they are capable of disinfecting, for that reason, they are recommends that such devices incorporate UVGI lamps.

The higher the filter density and, therefore, the greater the guarantee of filtration, the lower the flow rate of the air to be renewed. It is necessary to select backup purification units capable of treating a sufficient air flow to achieve a significant number of movements / hour of indoor air. This is where ultraviolet lighting comes into play. It is not new that UV-C irradiation inactivates viruses, also with SARS-CoV-2. 

Thanks to its action, we will be able to select units and filters that allow a sufficient air flow, guaranteeing a good quality in the output air flow. There are many studies that indicate that the most effective way to reduce the risk of infection is the interaction of several measures. Therefore, if we are going to have an air purifier, it must be based on UV-C radiation.

UV technology for environmental disinfection

Ultimately, purifiers contribute to the reduction of particles and bacteria in a closed space. They reduce them, but they do not end them by themselves. Furthermore, it is also important to consider the costs of the consumption system. High-efficiency filters can even be counterproductive. To avoid infection, it is advisable that they operate with 100% fresh air whenever possible. In addition, its use is safe in the presence of people.

Stonex distributes in Spain solutions such as GoldenSeaUV. An efficient and effective device that offers a combined purification and UV radiation system for the inactivation of viruses and bacteria. It is also effective against SARS-CoV-2. This offers the possibility of creating environments that are not only purified, but also disinfected.

In addition, Stonex has the UVAir300F, the best solution to the reduction of pressure and air flow resistance that HEPA filters suppose. As we discussed earlier, HEPA filters increase the resistance of the air flow. This supposes a decrease in pressure. This device also has ultraviolet technology, but without HEPA filtration, so it is capable of disinfecting a larger volume of air. This ultraviolet disinfection is very useful for larger spaces.

Today, we live with the constant threat of sprouts. Ultraviolet disinfection is not something new, it has been used for many years. Air disinfection devices with UV technology have become essential to generate greater confidence in terms of environmental safety in closed spaces. With this type of device, spaces become safer areas against possible contagion. Any interior space in which there is a presence of people have become the main users of this technology, which requires training.  

From Stonex, solutions focused on the disinfection of spaces through UV technology are offered. These solutions range from advice to training, through the installation of devices. A comprehensive service with which the client can feel informed and accompanied at all times.


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