ArcLamp, energy efficiency and innovation for your theatrical space

ETC's ArcLamp is the best LED solution for living room lighting when quality of lighting and smooth dimming is paramount. An elegant, discreet and easy way to enter the LED era.

The new times put on the table the role of energy efficiency and the optimization of consumption as the protagonist of technological advancement and innovation. 

With this new paradigm, ETC's dimmable LED lamp system is specially designed for hall lights in theaters, auditoriums and conference halls, among others. For them, they only have to want to adapt and update to new needs and, at the same time, maintain the light quality and a perfect regulation with the LED. All this, with the benefits derived from a much lower consumption.

ETC LED luminaires, with a consumption of 4,4 watts, allow energy savings of up to 90%. In addition, a dimming continues from 100% to absolute zero, without compromising the aesthetics or the quality of the lighting.

This energy efficient lighting system is perfect for the majestic chandeliers of the most iconic theaters to chandeliers, wall lights, proscenium lights and more. 

Energy efficient and low consumption with ArcLamp from ETC

ArcLamp's Fade to Warm technology simulates the effect of incandescent lamps, offering the incandescent red color change by heating the light as it dims. At sight the change from one model to another is imperceptible, but on the electricity bill it is remarkable.

To create a warm candle effect, ArcLamp Flicker is available in the 2700k Fade to Warm option. This one has a random flicker that perfectly mimics candlelight. Flicker lamps have the flexibility to also be used with constant brightness by adjusting the DMX value on their only control channel.

Both in the retrofitting and in the construction of a new space, ArcSystem will optimize the project both economically and in terms of energy efficiency. These lamps can be connected to your remote power supply via existing fixture cables, eliminating the need for invasive rewiring.

ArcMesh connects you with wireless technology

The ArcLamp DMX controller, which is convection cooled, allows for built-in device management with up to four individually addressed outputs, ensuring quick and simple installation. Connection is possible via wired DMX system or wirelessly via ArcMesh Transmitter.

The ArcLamp Drivers are easy to install and are available in sizes 150, 350, and 700, and support 25, 60, or 120 ArcLamps. Without a doubt, a perfect replacement for the 40W lamp. All controllers are available as wall mount solutions, while the 350 and 700 controllers are also available as rack mount options.

Wireless control for ArcSystem fixtures and presets panels

The wireless control is the brain of the installation and provides the control for the ArcSystem presets and fixture panels. It does this by converting standard DMX signals into wireless control signals. Because the fixture connection is designed as a configurable transceiver, each fixture has the ability to re-transmit and receive data from other connections, making it a very versatile fixture.

The transmitter can provide smooth, wireless dimming for up to 100 ArcSystem fixtures. In addition, it allows group configuration and playback, dimming times and auto-recovery in case of power failure. ArcMesh is available in a wall base and is well equipped for permanent installations.

For wired control installations, ArcSystem fixtures and controllers are also offered in wired DMX configurations, fully RDM capable for seamless addressing and control.


In Spain, Stonex is the exclusive distributor of ETC, among other prominent brands. Its commitment to the development of a professionalized sector goes through the offer of relevant training in the systems that currently predominate in the market. In addition, its technical service is the choice for many international companies, offering support and maintenance on the products of their distributed brands for life.

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