grandma3 software update

New software update for grandMA3 from MA Lighting

MA Lighting presents a new software update for its grandMA3 lighting consoles with the aim of improving the user experience.

In its latest software update for grandMA3, new features were included aimed at enriching the overall lighting control experience. Likewise, they included improvements in the basic workflow. In addition, it introduced new concepts: Recipes and Magic.

With the new version of the new software already available, MA Lighting offers a bug fix that will improve the user experience and will allow you to take full advantage of the new features that it presented in its last update.

In addition, MA Lighting has launched the new software version for grandMA2, which is now available for download on the MA website. This new software update supposes, in the same way as the previous one, a correction of errors of the last update carried out.

All updates and enhancements made respond to MA Lighting's commitment to enrich the programming experience and demonstrate its ongoing commitment to improving user workflow.

MA Lighting Commitment

GrandMA3 software is designed to meet current and future lighting control needs. Ultimately, its software is the lifeblood of the grandMA3 platform. MA Lighting offers a lighting control tool with which to create new and exciting shows of any scale.


In Spain, Stonex is the exclusive distributor of Ma Lighting, among other prominent brands. Its commitment to the development of a professionalized sector goes through the offer of relevant training in the systems that predominate in the market today. In addition, its technical service is the choice for many international companies, offering support and maintenance on the products of their distributed brands for life.

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