Fos / 4, the ETC LED panel and LED fresnel, revolutionizing the audiovisual industry

It took more than a decade of research to develop ETC's Fos / 4 fresnels. An innovative line of television studio equipment, specifically designed for the audiovisual market. Whether on set or outdoors, Fos / 4 offers strong light output without compromising color quality.T

If something ETC has experience is to offer innovation and development in all its teams. Its value is that all its products are part of a system that allows it to offer a complete solution for all types of spaces, now audiovisual. From studio lighting to control through software and control tables that allow you to play with all the innovation that ETC lands on its solutions.

On this occasion, ETC offers all Fos / 4 luminaires available in two matrices: Lustr X8 for the full range of color mixing and Daylight HDR for the brightest whites. What is striking about them is that both use intense red LEDs to improve color definition and provide nuances that until now were unknown they were losing.

The history of lighting design and the birth of fresnels go hand in hand. These fixtures are known for their gentle wash, adjustable zoom capability, and incredible brightness. With the addition of LEDs, fresnels have become even more important. With eight LED colors, ETC's LED panels allow for a wider color spectrum and better reproduce skin tones, sunsets and emotionally charged scenes. Deep red is essential for accurately capturing the warm glow of firelight, the romance of a sunset, and more nuanced skin tones.    

Without a doubt, the Fos / 4 fresnel is one of the great innovations of ETC. With Fos / 4 they wanted to develop a true fresnel, but go a step further. It has the most desired characteristics of standard incandescent fresnels, plus it adds nuanced color mixing, soft fades and LED technology. With Fos / 4 the most realistic skin tones and environments are achieved. In this way, during production we achieve effects that were previously adjusted in the post-production phase.

The introduction of the Fos / 4 Panel in early 2020 was accompanied by the Solid red LED on ETC. This intense red LED provides a subtle but very important dimension, a dimension that until now was not even known to be missing. What was red before, now looks more like orange. But it takes more than saturated colors, Fos / 4 also offers the best quality in whites, from the coldest to the warmest.

Fos / 4 offers many different options and allows you to change the default philosophy of the device. Traditionally, fixtures choose to mix the brightest version of the color you are trying to produce. While this offers intensity, it does not necessarily imply quality light. With Fos / 4 choosing what we want to see is at our fingertips. With the adjustment functionality, you can choose between: brighter, better spectrum or hybrid function, which provides a balance between the two.

The full-color screen and its user interface touch system have been designed with the cinematic workflow in mind that requires lightness and precision in handling. Fos / 4 offers nuanced color control from the full spectrum color picker within the user interface, allowing you to choose how to mix each color. In addition, the system allows you to save custom color palettes in one of the many programmable presets available.

For its part, the optics of the luminaire offer an incredibly homogeneous beam of light. In the same way that the Panel, Fos / 4 offers wireless communication through City Theatrical's Multiverse technology. From the console, it is possible to control up to 10 DMX universes from a single Multiverse transmitter. In addition, through the ETC Set Light app it is possible to communicate with the device via NFC, even when it is switched off.

The 13-55 degree zoom and radial Fresnel lens provide the best characteristics of a true Fresnel with the added benefits of LEDs. In addition, it can be adjusted from both the front and the rear of the luminaire. For beam control, it has a slot for accessories. For example, “barn doors” and “soft boxes”. The 8-sheet barn boxes allow you to control the shape of the light beam, providing clean and smooth edges, without any color framing.

ETC again becomes a leader in offering complete systems to provide a complete solution. Unlike its competitors, ETC not only sticks to standard product development but offers another twist to become the leader in professional lighting innovation in all areas of entertainment, from theaters to television spaces.

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In Spain, Stonex is the exclusive distributor of ETC, among other prominent brands. Its commitment to the development of a professionalized sector goes through the offer of relevant training in the systems that currently predominate in the market. In addition, its technical service is the choice for many international companies, offering support and maintenance on the products of its distributed brands for life.

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