Ultraviolet air disinfection, documented efficacy against SARS-CoV-2

Official and independent reports have documented the efficacy of Goldensea UV's UVAIR216, with ultraviolet technology, in terms of inactivating viruses such as SARS-CoV-2. In addition, they have tested their safety especially in spaces with the presence of people.

Biotec GmbH was commissioned to examine the UVAIR216 in terms of virus inactivation efficiency in air. The substitute virus for the analysis was MS2, which can be used as a model organism in cases such as SARS-CoV-2, to determine the inactivation rates of germicidal systems. During the study, a single pass of the UVAIR216 reduced the MS2 by 4,0 log levels. This corresponds to an inactivation rate of 99.991%.  

The Goldensea UV UVAIR216 was examined by the University of Hamburg as part of the research on the inactivation of Coronavirus using UV-C technology. During the evaluation, all air inlets and outlets were checked.

From the German company, they decided to test their Goldensea UV UVAIR216 device in the same way to corroborate its effectiveness. Although such independent documentation should confirm that, in general, the different UVAIR models are highly effective.

Therefore, UVAIR has a Certificate of Compliance, which is issued in accordance with Council Directive 201430. This certificate confirms that the product meets all the essential requirements of the EMC directive. After the preparation of the necessary technical documentation, the CE marking can be affixed to said product. But not only that, UVAIR is also ETL, ROHS and REACH certified. GoldenseaUV is one of the few companies that has this type of documentation with clear reference to specific products.  


Safe and effective disinfection with UVAIR from Goldensea UV

The 200nm-280nm wavelength has proven to be the most effective in terms of disinfecting the UV spectrum. UV-C illumination attacks the molecular structure of DNA and RNA in microbial cells. In this way, it destroys growth cells and / or regenerative cells. Thus, archives the effect of disinfection.

Goldensea UV uses the short wave UVC spectrum (253.7nm) as it is considered the most efficient choice for disinfecting these agents. Their devices are made of quartz glass tubes. This material allows the complete transmission of UV light.

UVAIR devices are useful for the disinfection of viruses and bacteria in the air in all types of spaces, from small rooms to large auditoriums. Thanks to its technology, it can operate silently in the presence of living beings. Quickly regenerating air quality. One of its main characteristics is the safety it offers by not emitting ozone, or making use of toxic products.

In addition, they offer different ventilation powers and the possibility of being operated in manual mode, by remote control or via app. Its intelligent technology includes a filter change detector and automated warning. In addition, the UVAIR216 has a 45º drop detector.

Quick and efficient inactivation of SARS-CoV-2 using UV-C technology

There are many studies that corroborate the effectiveness of UV-C disinfection. In addition, chemical-free disinfection is applicable to a wide range of possible environments. Technology used by the Goldensea UV UVAIR216 disinfection systems.

The pandemic caused by SARS-CoV-2 has led to the need to find cheap, fast and, above all, reliable disinfection technologies. A study from the University of Tübingen has evaluated the efficacy of UV-C light to inactivate SARS-CoV. 2. The results indicate that with relatively low doses of UV-C it is possible to inactivate the virus. Therefore, it is shown as an effective solution for disinfection of surfaces and air.

A critical question is the suitability of this technology in a “real life” environment, where the exposure time on surfaces or aerosols should be kept as short as possible to allow for realistic application. For example, in hotel rooms or meeting rooms that need to be used frequently. Not only operating rooms, as it has already been used for many years.  

Disinfection vs. Air Purification

Many studies have already shown that viruses can spread through particles. These exhaled aerosol particles play a prominent role in the spread of the virus. Its size is so small that it is capable of surpassing the filters that are commonly used to purify the air in closed spaces. UV-C light, on the other hand, attacks and completely eliminates these microscopic particles, preventing them from being circulated again.

Air purifiers make a big difference indoors and are effective in preventing the spread of other viruses and bacteria. However, they have not been shown to be highly effective against SARS-CoV-2. The use of H13 and H14 filters has no technical advantages (compared to E11 filters) and is not economical or energy sensitive. This implies that the same H13 cleaning performance can be achieved with E11 filters, if the air flow is only 5% higher.

We must bear in mind that air disinfection requires many air changes with a large air flow. Something that at the time we add a filter is limited due to the reduction in air density, that is why the incorporation of an ultraviolet system is important. 

On the other hand, liquid aerosol particles can shrink by evaporation, depending on environmental conditions. But the size of the particles is important in terms of transport and separation of these. The separation efficiency of HEPA filters does not take into account this important fact. Therefore, it is necessary not only to rely on the mechanical separation of aerosols and to critically review the evidence provided. It is clear that there is considerable need for research, especially at interdisciplinary frontiers for the research fields of epidemiology, infectology, virology, etc.  

Today, air disinfection systems using ultraviolet technology have gained prominence and are positioned as one of the best solutions to turn spaces into safe places in the presence of people. 


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