Raphael dazzled in Madrid together with MA Lighting, Clay Paky and Movecat

Last December, Clay Paky lit up the two consecutive nights in which Raphael performed in Madrid, together with the control of MA Lighting. The illuminator Iván Espada, was in charge of the lighting design at the Wizink Center who did not hesitate to rely on the safety of Movecat engines.

Raphael held two historic concerts in the capital on December 19 and 20. These performances showed that the legendary artist is still in good shape after six decades on stage and that he still has much to offer his fans. During these two nights, Raphael hung the “complete” sign and delighted his fans with a great musical accompaniment. MA Lighting, Clay Paky and Movecat could not be absent in a show of these characteristics.

MA Lighting, Clay Paky and Movecat accompanied Raphael


Once again the stage was lit up to offer a show that marked the great staging of the artist. The one in charge of making the great show that Raphael offered shine, even more if possible, was Iván Espada. The illuminator counted for its lighting design with 20 Mythos 2 units, from the renowned brand Clay Paky. Which offer performance, versatility and power.

When controlling the lighting, for its part and how could it be otherwise, it had two units of GrandMA2 Full Size from MA Lighting and 2 Processing Units from the German brand. Fluge Audiovisuales was in charge of supplying the equipment that illuminated the last nights of December 19 and 20 at the WiZink Center in Madrid.

For its part, in its rigging installation it had 20 VMK-S variable speed motors of 250 kg of the German Movecat, highlighted for being one of the most reliable and robust motorization equipment on the market that was completed with the Movecat V-Motion 40-E-Sil3 driver to offer maximum safety. At the control, a unit of the table VV Movecat I-Motion Basic C II closed the clasp of the entire motorization system of the show. 

These concerts gathered about 5.000 spectators every day. Attendees enjoyed the singer's mythical voice, under strict health security measures. The singer, who is celebrating his 60-year musical career, presented his fans with songs from his new album "Raphael 6.0". In addition, he delighted them with some of his greatest hits.


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