Viz-key, the new grandMA3 tool

MA Lighting presents Viz-key, the latest solution for grandMA3 that allows to work with third-party visualizers in a stable and secure way.

grandMA3 viz-key is MA Lighting's new tool that offers stable and secure connectivity, allowing you to work with third-party visualization tools and grandMA3 lighting control systems. Just plug the viz-key grandMA3 into the viewing computer and you will get all the necessary parameters for viewing.


Basically, when connecting third-party devices through a network system MA-Net3 allows the visualization of the basic parameters instantly. However, with the new Viz-key grandMA3 tool you will also be able to enable all the parameters not granted for display.

Each display rig requires a dedicated grandMA3 viz-key. The new MA Lighting tool works with all third-party displays, without the need for a specific dongle per manufacturer, a solution that allows for easy adaptation.


Also, viz-key grandMA3 comes with 512 built-in parameters. This allows for easy testing of equipment live if no other parameters are available. In a grandMA3 onPC solution environment only, 512 more parameters will be added to the existing parameters.

Even using multiple grandMA3 viz-keys in the same system, only a total of 512 parameters will be added, the maximum count of parameters within the range of grandMA3 onPC solutions is still 4 096. All 512 parameters can be sent via DMX via Ethernet.

Viz-key grandMA3 runs independent of internet connectivity for up to 10 days before an update is required.

Currently, viz-key works with the most widely used visualization software on the market, allowing an easy way to interface devices from any grandMA3 lighting control range and any third-party visualizers.


Viz-key installs quickly and easily:

  1. Make sure all devices are on the same network and have matching IP addresses (for example 192.168.1.x)
  2. Launch the visualization tool and enable MA-Net connectivity (see tool manual)
  3. Launch the grandMA3 software and go to Network to see the visualization tool under "NetworkNode"
  4. Connect the visualization tool to your grandMA3 session (both show files must match)
  5. If the software versions do not match, update the display software via the grandMA3 / Settings / Software update menu (see the grandMA3 online help)


Here you can find all manufacturers that work together with grandMA3 viz-key. Check their web pages for more information.

  • Capture Visualization - Capture (
  • Imaginary Labs - Carbon For Unreal (
  • Syncronorm - Depence² (
  • Vectorworks - Vision (
  • Vision 2021 Service Pack 2.1 from Vectorworks, Inc. is already compatible with the grandMA3 viz-key.

From MA Lighting, in their desire to continue improving, they are currently in conversation with more visualization software companies and will inform as future agreements are closed.

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