City Country School applies its disinfection through ultraviolet technology

The Montessori College of Education, City Country School, has become the pioneer school in the country in betting on the use of ultraviolet devices to disinfect its classes and common spaces. This project has been consulted and evaluated by Stonex with the technology of its partner Goldensea UV.

With the end of the summer holidays, Spain was facing an "unusual" return to school 2020-2021. Faced with this great challenge, educational institutions put all their efforts to avoid contagion every day and spread of the coronavirus in classrooms. Frequent hand washing, the mandatory use of a mask in children from 6 years of age and the continuous disinfection of spaces, are some of the measures imposed by Health. He college City Country School of the community of Madrid has been unmarked in front of other centers by be the first to use the ultraviolet C light for disinfection of their spaces. In this way, the prevention measures for possible contagions between students and teachers are maximized.


Stonex has been in charge of advising this project, taking into account the characteristics of the areas to be disinfected. For this, the school has acquired the product UVP36 and UVL72. Two powerful solutions for rooms up to 80m².


For the center, turning its most critical spaces into safe environments was key to guaranteeing a safe “back to school”. «This area of ​​work known as the Dojo it is one of the largest spaces in the center. In it a great activity of the center is concentrated. For us, the combination of new technologies offers us a complementary security to the usual disinfection. In addition, it facilitates its use by people responsible for the spaces and minimizes disinfection times. "

The devices guarantee a 99,9% elimination of viruses and bacteria. As they are products of direct ultraviolet emission, they cannot be used in the presence of people, animals or living beings. For this reason, the center has opted for disinfection shifts when the children leave and enter the classrooms.


El UVP36 has a disinfection capacity up to 20m² in 60 minutes. The device is made up of a UV-C radiation emitting tube and offers fall protection, which interrupts its activity when it detects a 45º tipping. For his part, UVL72 It is composed of 4 radiation tubes and has the characteristic that it can be used both on flat surfaces, as well as in fixed installations. Its disinfection power is up to 80m² in 120 minutes.

«One of our surprises was the simplicity in the installation and use of the device. Normally we operate the device through its remote control, which not only facilitates its use, but also gives us the security of avoiding possible errors to expose ourselves. ", Says Claudia, secretary of the educational center.


Since its application is in a school and it applies ultraviolet disinfection, all the products come equipped with security measures that guarantee compliance with the UNE 0068 specification and a safe use for handling: delayed start allowing evacuation of the area to be disinfected; remote control; motion sensor that makes the device turn off when it detects movement of a person or animal; Light indications in red or green, as well as beeping to warn the user. What is a total guarantee of safety for children and teachers of the City Country School.

«From Stonex they gave us a telematics training on how to use the devices safely. That was a great point, since it gave us confidence and guaranteed that everyone who manipulates it knows how it works and its security measures.


Stonex offers a complete UV-C disinfection solution for all types of spaces thanks to its partner Goldensea UV, a world leader in the production of professional lighting. UV-C devices from Goldensea UV They are composed of high quality quartz glass tubes that allow the complete transmission of ultraviolet light in the spaces to be disinfected. This is an ozone-free technology that leaves no residue or pollutes.


Faced with the challenge of preventing the spread of Covid 19, ultraviolet C light is, increasingly, the effective, safe and tested option. Endorsed by scientific clusters, UV-C disinfection products do not pose any risk to health as long as they are used under the manufacturer's instructions and considering that it is a complementary measure to traditional cleaning.


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