Teatro Real stalls with UV-C disinfection products

The Royal Theater relies on ultraviolet light to disinfect its spaces

The most emblematic theater in the country, Teatro Real, incorporates ultraviolet C disinfection products from Stonex, to guarantee the well-being and health of its artists, workers and spectators. This solution is a complement to traditional cleaning and ensures 99,9% virus inactivation.

With the reopening of its doors, the Teatro Real has adopted all the mandatory and recommended health measures from the Community of Madrid. Limited capacity, cleaning hands with hydroalcoholic gel, and the mandatory use of a mask during the entire performance is the new way to enjoy culture in our country.

The theater entity has taken the initiative to reinforce its disinfection protocols with ultraviolet C light technology. The different stages are the areas on which these systems apply to safeguard the well-being of artists, workers, and spectators.

UVM 216 apparatus in the Rehearsal Room of the Royal Theater
Disinfection by ultraviolet C light in the Rehearsal Room of the Teatro Real

The Teatro Real Project has had the collaboration of Stonex to advise how to disinfect their areas. The solution incorporates four UVL XNUMX units in the stage and two units of the UVM XNUMX mobile.

All products have been designed with security measures that guarantee compliance with the UNE 0068 specification and safe use for handling: delayed start allowing evacuation of the area to be disinfected; remote control; motion sensor that makes the device turn off when it detects movement of a person or animal; drop sensor in those that are mobile; light indications in red or green, as well as beeping to warn the user.

Disinfection using ultraviolet light at the Teatro Real UVL 150
UVL 150

On the one hand, the UVL 150 device has a versatile design that allows its use in fixed installations, as well as mobile supported on a flat surface. It has a high disinfection power, reaching 160 m² in just 120 minutes. On the other hand, the UVM 216 design is ideal for use in spaces from 60 m² to 240 m². Its dimensions are slightly higher than the UVL 150 and it is supported on wheels which facilitates its movement from one area to another.


Stonex with Teatro Real has carried out the support of the UVC equipment in this project through his partner Goldensea UV, a world leader in professional lighting production. Goldensea UVC devices are developed of high-quality quartz glass tubes that allow full transmission of ultraviolet light in the spaces to be disinfected. It is an ozone-free technology that leaves no residues.

UV-C disinfection devices at the Teatro Real
Two UVM 216 units at the Teatro Real

Faced with the challenge of preventing the spread of Covid-19, ultraviolet C light is, increasingly, effective, safe, and tested option. Endorsed by scientific clusters, UVC disinfection products do not suppose any health risk as long as they are used under the manufacturer´s instructions and considering that it is a complementary measure to traditional cleaning.


Stonex integrates professional lighting and control solutions. 40 years of experience in the professional lighting sector, more than XNUMX projects and the trust of more than XNUMX clients guarantee the professionalism of a team in constant training and development. Our know-how in the demanding world of professional lighting has allowed us to develop in transversal lines such as UVC lighting, emergency lighting, and mechanics in stage spaces.


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