Source 4WRD Color to transform LED light

Source 4WRD Color by ETC: the transformation of the incandescent

ETC has introduced the Source 4WRD Color, as the latest addition to the Source 4WRD device family. This new product is an adaptation for the ellipsoidal and profile appliances of the Source Four range. Thanks to this add-on, additive RGBA color mixing, saturated fades and faster color changes are achieved.

With the range Source 4WRD it is possible to transform incandescent appliances ETC Source Four in LED fixtures, retaining all the premium features of the range (including lenses and accessories). The option Source 4WRD Color allows the transformation of luminaires to additive RGBA LEDs. Enhancing colors, saturations, using less energy and saving on maintenance.

Technology S4WRD Color it is also available in two dimmer lighting fixtures. The models Color PAR y PARNel, providing smooth edges and saturated colors, without the need for retrofitting. These luminaires incorporate the Source 4WRD Color LED engine in a custom housing, offering color dimming, including zoom in the PARNel version. 

Source 4WRD Color in its two versions

In addition to producing a homogenized beam and around 5.000 lumens, all versions of the S4WRD Color They feature 12 built-in presets and 5 sequences in standalone mode. With the addition of FixtureLink, the Source 4WRD Color is compatible with wired accessories (using the DMX port), including ColorSource, Source Four LED and Desire; allowing you to activate presets and sequences without a console.

David Lincecum, Vice President of Marketing at ETC comments: “With the Source 4WRD Color, you get a simple and cost-effective color change retrofit that can upgrade an existing lighting system quickly, allowing you to create even more scenic images than before. 4WRD Color will allow stages to transform their existing equipment to LED, using less energy, less maintenance and all this at a very attractive price. 

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