UV-C disinfection products

Ultraviolet C products as a complement to your disinfection protocol

Goldensea UV's full range of ultraviolet C products offers different solutions for different disinfection spaces and protocols. Ultraviolet C light ensures a really deep cleaning and prevents the spread of Covid 19.

With the end of the month of August and the return of the holidays, we return to a time of uncertainty regarding capacity, mobility between territories and guidelines for action in our daily activities: going to dinner at a restaurant, going back to the office, openings of schools… Now, more than ever, the solutions offered by the market to prevent the spread of Covid 19 are gaining importance. Have you heard of ultraviolet C products? Do you know the disinfecting effects of UV light?


The leading lighting manufacturer Goldensea UV offers a complete range of ultraviolet C products, designed specifically for domestic and commercial use. The lamps have been tested under comprehensive quality evaluations and guarantee 99,9% virus inactivation on objects and spaces. Viruses including SARS-CoV-2; causing Covid-19.

UV-C technology is proven, efficient and safe. Its use as complement to traditional cleaning, minimizes bacterial and viral spread. Furthermore, the use of UV-C light avoids the dangers and disadvantages of chemical aerosols, such as damage to materials and toxic exposure to people.


The wide variety of Goldensea UV ultraviolet C products makes it possible to disinfect all types of spaces: shops, homes, hotels, offices, bars / restaurants, workshops, gyms, schools and large public spaces. The range includes solutions in the 3 main action scenarios: disinfection on surfaces and through air (for spaces); and, in cabins (for objects).

The series «surface» (surfaces) uses 253,7nm UV-C lamps from Philips and Osram and is designed for disinfection of commercial and residential environments. The effectiveness of UV-C disinfection protocols to inactivate viruses such as SARS-CoV-2 has been demonstrated in different studies from prestigious institutions such as Boston University. This efficacy will always depend on the UV dose administered at a specific time. Under this premise, the ultraviolet C product catalog offers a selection of different sizes:


1-tube UV disinfection device for the smallest rooms:

  • Up to 40m² of coverage
  • Delayed start
  • Immediate shutdown by your motion detector
  • Fall protection
  • Touch keys + remote control
  • Easy mounting on stable surface
  • 9.000 hour lamp life

The 2/4 tube UV disinfection lamp for medium-sized rooms:

  • Coverage up to 80m² / 160m²
  • Delayed start
  • Immediate shutdown by your motion detector
  • Touch keys + remote control
  • Easy mounting on a stable surface or fixed to a wall
  • 9.000 hour lamp life


The optimal 6/12 tube option for large rooms:

  • 240m² / 480m² coverage
  • Quick cleaning of 20m² in just 10 minutes (UVM216)
  • Delayed starts
  • Immediate shutdown by your motion detector
  • Touch keys + remote control
  • Wheels included for mobile use of the device
  • 9.000 hour lamp life


It is the alternative of disinfection instead of on surfaces, in the form of an aerosol. The UVAIR 216 version is designed for large spaces, while the UVAIR 108 focuses on smaller rooms. Both units are equipped with sufficient power to allow safe air purification. An ACH (air change per hour) 6-10 times is recommended. The Goldensea UV AIR UV devices, unlike the «surface» range, can be used in the presence of people.


The manufacturer Goldensea UV, leader in the lighting sector, has developed a complete range of UV-C disinfection devices. The ultraviolet light disinfection method C has positioned itself as one of the most reliable systems for all types of spaces, places and objects. At Stonex we are a national distributor of Goldensea UV products, offering a complete training in the use of the devices to avoid risks and uses.

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