Connection with up to 4 touch screens

GrandMA3 presents its Command Wing XT

MA Lighting, the leading brand in lighting control tables, already has its most anticipated Command version available. The new Command Wing XT is a 4.096-parameter console, the only one with integrated MA3 software.

In a historical moment in which the spectacular productions of limited or restricted capacity are gradually being resumed, the German manufacturer launches its new toy. The GrandMA3 Command Wing XT It is an easy-to-transport solution of unsurpassed quality and with results as spectacular as those offered by the grandMA3.


Designed as the perfect portable hardware solution for grandMA3 software, the commands on the new console are the same as those on a real GrandMA3 console. Thus with the new Command XT you have the possibility of using it independently as a single table or as a backrest within a complete MA console system.

La Command Wing XT It has the fully integrated GrandMA3 software and can be connected to up to 4 different screens to control small and medium productions.


With 40 independent playbacks, 16 assignable buttons and a dedicated playback master, this table offers endless playback options. In addition, the console provides the maximum number of parameters available in grandMA3 Command solutions: 4.096 parameters with 2 built-in DMX outputs and 2 Gigabit Ethernet connectors for DMX over Ethernet protocols.


Other features that we find in this new MA toy are:

  • 29 rotary encoders with RGB backlight,
  • 5 DUAL encoders,
  • 10 monitored 60mm faders,
  • 2 backlit and motorized 100mm A / B faders,
  • 1 level Wheel,
  • Quiet, dimmable backlit individual buttons (no click)

With the launch of the Command Wing XT, the MA3 onPC solutions are completed alongside the Command Wing and the onPC xPort Nodes.


The grandMA3 is the console that has taken over the market for its ease of use, its power and ability to easily control a large number of devices and its highly functional software and hardware to program and operate quickly.

It is already the choice of the most relevant illuminators in the world and a strong commitment to large stage spaces, massive events and tours of the most important artists on the music scene.


In Spain, your exclusive distributor Stonex It also offers training in control with this console to all those technicians who are interested in specializing in its management and maintenance for life in the country's capital. The company is an official distributor of MA Lighting, among other well-known brands. As a national benchmark in professional lighting and stage engineering, Stonex has more than 40 years of experience offering comprehensive solutions for the entertainment sectors.

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