Virtual Stand 2020 Claypaky

The Claypaky 2020 novelties presented through its virtual stand

The LED power of the new Arolla profile; the versatility and lightness in the new wash beam LED Midi-B; Tambora Batten's most advanced pixel mapping accessory; Along with the compact LED waterproof MINIB pair IP65, they are the most innovative novelties that the Italian brand teaches us in its virtual stand until July 19.

The Italian leader in the manufacture of spectacular and architectural luminaires has launched its novelties this year. Despite the delicate situation the entertainment industry is going through, Claypaky completes its portfolio with a surprising variety of premium products with unmatched features on the market. You can take a complete tour of their virtual stand. Here is a summary of what you will find.

Arolla Profile HP, pure LED power

With a powerful 1.200w white LED, the Arolla Profile HP It is positioned at the top of the LED luminaires with the most light output in the Italian catalog. This moving head offers a 5 ° to 50 ° zoom range, 6 rotating and 7 fixed gobos, plus a 4-sided rotating prism. Its characteristics make the Arolla an optimal solution for productions that require fast and precise movements.

Wash beam MIDI-B, versatile and compact

The new wash beam Midi-B It consists of a 19x40w RGBW Osram LED light source placed in the form of 3 independent control rings. Its compact size and light weight does not prevent this moving head from reaching 10.000 lumens. It offers a zoom range of 4 ° to 50 ° and a color temperature of 2.500K to 8.000K. The Midi-B is a versatile option for use in different applications where an extremely bright wash beam effect is required.

Tambora Batten, the complement that you cannot miss

Another of the novelties of this year that Claypaky offers is the LED bar Drum Batten. Consisting of 16 Osram LEDs, this fixture allows dynamic control of each of the lamps, their color and dimming, thereby achieving advanced pixel mapping. The possibility of joining different bars to each other (via Ethernet) allows the creation of spectacular uniform designs either in shapes or lines. The Tambora Batten offers a zoom from 4 ° to 40 ° and a tilt of 220 °. This is a quality complement of great utility for productions of all kinds.

MINI B par led, the highest quality water resistance

Due to the increasing demand for weather resistant accessories for entertainment and architectural applications, the MINI B led par AQUA IP65 it fits perfectly into this environment. Composed of 7x40w RGBW LEDs from Osram, they make it one of the brightest waterproof fixtures on the market. Its optical and electronic characteristics are the same as the MINI B: a zoom of 4 ° to 55 °, independent control of the central LED to achieve all kinds of effects and a color temperature of 2.500K to 8.000K. This accessory is compact and lightweight and complementary to MINI-B and MIDI-B for its optical performance and color consistency.

Through videos, information brochures and 3D designs you can delve into the technical characteristics of these and many other devices manufactured by the well-known Italian brand Claypaky. Visit their virtual stand and go through module by module all the news without leaving your chair. You can access through this link. Skillful access until July 19.


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