Regulation 0068: 2020

The UNE launches a new regulation that defines the requirements for ultraviolet disinfection

Regulation 0068: 2020, defined by the UNE and ANFALUM, regulates the safety requirements for devices used in ultraviolet disinfection of premises and environments.

Since Spain entered the State of Alarm on March 12, there have been many solutions and questions that have arisen to confront the disinfection of spaces to begin the new normality. Against this background, in a few months, the UNE regulations on ultraviolet disinfection.

Regulation 0068: 2020

Ultraviolet C light has been one of the most reliable solutions for disinfecting viruses and bacteria. In the face of the avalanche of new UV disinfection solutions, the UNE together with a study group from the Spanish Association of Lighting Manufacturers (ANFALUM) have released the new regulation 0068: 2020. The specification addresses: the use of UV-C for combat Covid19 and other viruses and pathogens; and, the requirements that the product must have, as well as its installation and maintenance.

UV-C disinfection systems, such as electrical equipment, must work in accordance with the Low Voltage Directives and all related regulations.

Avoidable risks with following instructions

One of the issues that may concern you most about the use of ultraviolet light fixtures C it is the risk that this can cause. First of all, it should be noted that any UV-C disinfection system must incorporate mandatory indications on its packaging and on the product itself in a clear and visible way for the user. Said documentation must clearly indicate the possible damages that may be caused to health.

Possible risks are totally avoidable as long as the instructions for use are followed. For this, the standard makes the differentiation of three different types as they are designed for direct, indirect and mixed radiation.

  • Indirect radiation apparatus. They are the teams that are placed above 2,3m from the ground and direct their beam horizontally and towards the ceiling. With the use of these systems, there could be people inside the room, as long as it is ensured that UV radiation does not exceed the maximum admissible limits defined in the UNE-EN 62471 Standard. It acts as a germicide of the air in the radiated area.
  • Appliances direct radiation. There can be no people inside the room during the radiation time, since these systems exceed the admissible radiation limits for living beings. Disinfects radiated surfaces, but not shaded areas.
  • Mixed appliances. These are systems where the indirect radiation part is generally activated and only when there are no people, the direct part is irradiated.
Goldensea UV products, apply to the standard

UV-C technology applied in the wide range of disinfection systems Goldensea UV, that Stonex distributes throughout the national territory, meets each of the characteristics that UNE marks in direct radiation devices.

  • MOTION SENSOR. It detects any movement up to 5 meters and immediately the lamp is deactivated and an alarm sounds.
  • DELAYED START. When the operating time is set, the lamp will turn on two minutes late, allowing people and pets to leave the area.
  • REMOTE CONTROL, even through the wall.
  • AUTOMATIC FALL PROTECTION. When the lamp detects a movement greater than 45º, it turns off directly, avoiding heat damage to the surrounding objects in case the lamp falls.
Stonex, gives you the solution for your space

Stonex integrates solutions based on professional lighting to offer the best technology for each space and need. With more than 500 projects behind it and the trust of more than 1.500 clients, Stonex transfers all its knowhow from the demanding world of professional lighting to offer the best advice and attention to its clients.

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