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UV-C disinfection, the solution for your space?

Theaters, discotheques, auditoriums, schools or offices are some of the new spaces where UV-C disinfection becomes an indispensable complement to disinfection. Without residues and with high efficiency in the elimination of microorganisms, it offers a safe disinfection for the surface and the air, but what else should I consider?  

After several weeks of confinement and with the return to normality, there are many doubts and questions that have arisen about the use of ultraviolet disinfection (UV-C) systems in new areas of application to combat COVID-19.

New solutions have appeared in the UV-C lighting market to combat disinfection of COVID-19 and, with them, uncertainty about its use, as well as what conditions must be met by the devices to ensure maximum safety in its application.

Training in its use, safe systems with alarm measures and, above all, advice on which and how to use this technology become fundamental variables for the choice of these ultraviolet disinfection systems in spaces such as theaters, schools, discotheques or office rooms, among others.

Uses of UV-C disinfection

Since UV radiation was first used for surface disinfection in 1877, its evolution has led to many other applications such as water disinfection or air disinfection to combat all types of viruses and bacteria.

Given the new needs for disinfection of the coronavirus, its field of application extends to other sectors such as public spaces such as theaters, metro stations or discotheques, to facilities in offices or schools.

During these years technology has evolved by leaps and bounds and the healthcare sector has been a major player in the use of ultraviolet disinfection along with the development of new technologies and devices such as robots for disinfection of surgical spaces.

UV-C radiation as a germicide

However, not all ultraviolet radiation can be applied as a germicide. The most effective for the elimination of viruses and germs is the well-known UV-C, ultraviolet with a short wavelength between 200nm and 280nm, which allows the inactivation of microorganisms. One of the great advantages is that, unlike other chemicals, exposure to UV-C irradiation provides rapid and efficient inactivation of microorganisms by a physical process. This means that irradiation destroys the molecular structure of the DNA and RNA of microbial cells, causing the death of growing or regenerative cells.


Although it produces the elimination of organisms, one of the factors to consider when using this type of technology is the susceptibility of the microorganism to UV-C irradiation, as well as the level of irradiation exposure dose for effectiveness. of elimination.  


UV-C technology can be applied to disinfect air as well as surfaces. For air disinfection there is a method called "upper room" which consists of irradiating the upper part of the room, allowing the disinfection of large volumes of air in the room, also producing air disinfection.

Upper room - disinfection - UVC

UV-C disinfection for spaces of all sizes

In UV-C disinfection on surfaces, we must always bear in mind that this type of method will always be a complement to traditional cleaning. The reason is the inability of UV rays to reach shadow areas or spaces covered with dust and other materials.

For a correct disinfection of the spaces we must take into account the time of exposure to irradiation and the coverage area that is intended to disinfect. For this, there are systems with different powers and sizes that offer an adapted solution for each type of space depending on the needs.


UV-C disinfection products risks and characteristics

One of the big questions that has arisen is how safe this method is and how to use it. Although UV-C disinfection has risks for living beings if they are exposed to ultraviolet irradiation, taking precautions and using the safety measures indicated by each manufacturer guarantee the safe use of UV lamps. To avoid possible risks in its use, it is of utmost importance to require training in the use of this equipment, as well as the guarantee and certificates of the equipment.

In addition, new systems such as those designed by GoldenSea UV, distributed by Stonex in Spain, offer complementary security functions on their devices to minimize the risk in their use and equipment startup.

  • MOTION SENSOR. Detects any movement up to 5 meters and immediately the lamp is deactivated and an alarm sounds
  • SAFE START. When the operating time is set, the lamp will turn on two minutes late, allowing people and pets to leave the area.
  • PROTECTION AGAINST FALLS. When the lamp detects movement greater than 45º, it turns off directly, avoiding heat damage to the surrounding objects in case the lamp falls.
  • REMOTE CONTROL, even through the wall.
UV-C disinfection in theaters

UV-C disinfection success stories

Many companies have already started to apply this type of disinfection for public and private spaces, with the aim of offering the best protection and cleaning measures for users and workers. Some examples at the national level, is the use of this type of technology by the Army for disinfection of coronavirus, where good results have been obtained. At an international level, spaces such as New York subway already uses UV technology for disinfection of wagons. In addition, on the other hand, new needs have appeared in human resources departments of small and large companies who begin to implement this technology to ensure the well-being of employees on a return to normality.

From Stonex we offer solutions adapted to the needs of each space, as well as project advice to invest in the best combination of technology to offer the best equipment performance.


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