Vinaròs Carnival dazzles with Ayrton, Claypaky and MA Lighting

The company Espectáculos TS has been in charge of making this show a reality, with a lighting design by Carlos Rubert in which material from several brands distributed in Spain has been included Stonex.

With the arrival of the carnival, cities are preparing to host great shows in which color, imagination and music are always protagonists. This year Vinaròs has stood out with a spectacular Queens Gala with a design and production of the company TS shows. The programming of the lighting show has been a work of Rubén Sánchez with a lighting design of Carlos Rubert.

For this work, the challenge was to illuminate a large stage 14 meters high in which stood out a pharaonic decorated in the form of arches that emulated the Ducal Palace of Venice, a work of the faller artist Carsi. The material chosen should offer maximum dynamism and power, in addition to reducing the flickeo for the television broadcast of the show.


Premium spectacular lighting and control

Among the material used, they have been incorporated 12 small units Diablo de Ayrton. Placed at 25m and 10m they were used to play with the lighting of the set. "Thanks to the blades and the power of the device, in addition to its animation system and gobos, we use them to make fronts, paint and fill the scenery with animations and give the warm touch to the TV," says the illuminator of the event, Carlos Rubert.

The design was completed 12 units of Mini-B de Claypaky. This new device is highly versatile as it can work as a beam, wash and effect. “We have used them in the form of a flag on the sides of the stage to give it breadth. Thanks to the possibility of working as a wash or as a beam, we could change the mode according to the light we needed. ”


For the control has opted for the MA3 de MA Lighting in the version full-size. This new lighting table has reached the market to lay the foundations of what was its predecessor in a generation of robust, intuitive and powerful consoles to control large assemblies involving numerous lighting or effects devices with 12,288 Factory parameters scalable up to 250,000. In the words of the illuminator Carlos Rubert: “We chose this table mainly because of the reliability and flexibility it offers to work. It is a universal table. ”

3D design: more possibilities, better results

The complication that could be the assembly of a set of such dimensions, in which a large number of devices had to be inserted, was solved with the 3D design software Vectorworks. This 3D modeling program is a valuable tool for lighting designers because it allows you to create a virtual environment in which to study the result, and can then easily import it into MA.


“Thanks to the versatility of Vectorworks 2020, together with the implementation of GrandMA3 Full to the fixtures of Stonex, Aryton and Clayplay, the best gala of the Vinaròs Carnival Queens has been held in history according to local media,” adds Carlos Rubert "From Produccions Ts, we thank Stonex for its technical control and lighting solutions and technical advice through the commercial department."

The Vinaròs Carnival Queens Gala has closed with an attendance of 7000 people leaving for the memory an impressive staging with which it will cost to compete in the coming years.

In Spain, the company Stonex is an official distributor of Ayrton, Claypaky y MA Lighting, among other well-known brands. As a national reference in professional lighting and stage engineering, Stonex brings more than 40 years of experience offering integral solutions for the sectors of entertainment, entertainment, architecture and emergency lighting; comprising the design, supply, installation and maintenance of scenic equipment and premium lighting.

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