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STONEX new protective member of the AEC (Spanish Association of Directors and Directors of Photography)

The company specializing in distribution and lighting projects reinforces its commitment to the film and television industries by supporting the ACS as a protective member to enhance collaboration between both entities.

At Stonex We are pleased to announce our new collaboration with the Spanish Association of Directors and Directors of Photography as a Protective Member. Through this form of contribution we expand our presence in the film and television sector.

The AEC aims to raise, develop and protect the sector of the Directors of Photography as authors of cinematographic and audiovisual photography. Likewise, it is part of the fight for the cultural, professional and ethical principles of its Members, to collaborate with the Entities of collective management of copyright or related rights, for the correct management of them.

With the recent addition to our catalog of new lighting equipment specific to the film and television industry, we want to commit ourselves to the development of informative and practical activities that enable an environment of exchange of opinions in which innovation and technology will be central concepts. In this way we reiterate our support for directors and directors of photography by joining multiple associations, organizations and companies as a Protective Member.

We want to make clear the honor of being part of the ACS. A union that will translate in the short term into numerous collaborations aimed at the development and strengthening of the lighting industry and its applications in the entertainment sector.  

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