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Adaptive Evacuation Solutions in SICUR 2020 with Stonex and GET

The new technology in dynamic signage Adaptive Evacuation allows the redirection of people in a building so that safety is increased in situations of risk.

During the next February 26 and 27 Stonex is in SICUR presenting patented Adaptive Evacuation technology for its partner Eaton in the space of GET (Technical Studies Group), stand 8E06. This innovative solution allows to direct the occupants of a building by means of dynamic signals capable of indicating different directions thus reducing times and risks during an evacuation in the event of an event.

THE International Security Exhibition held in IFEMA It includes different disruptive solutions in the field of global security in both public and private spheres and in different sectors.

In this context, Stonex comes in collaboration with GET to show the new Adaptive Emergency Lighting technology developed by Eaton, the only one of this type patented and in line with the regulation (EN 1838). It is an emergency lighting system capable of showing different evacuation routes depending on the situation and through previous programming.

El core of this technology is the software CGline + by means of which evacuation scenarios can be programmed and which also allows the state of the batteries and luminaires to be monitored at all times. With this powerful management software we manage to get ahead of different situations in which the danger is in different places of the building or outside.


Adaptive Evacuation: an integrable security system

The luminaire Matrix CGLine + is a tool for adaptive signaling that allows you to adjust in real time the exit routes showing different directions of the arrow or red cross depending on the predefined scenarios and depending on the nature and location of a hazard. The objective is to improve the speed and safety of emergency evacuations in spaces.

This system is especially interesting in public buildings such as hospitals, shopping centers or airports, and even in critical infrastructure where inefficient evacuation can cause the loss of many lives.

CGline + It is also perfectly integrable with other third-party solutions such as Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), recognition by biometrics, anti-intrusion systems, alarms and public address systems, being a valuable tool in any situation in which the flow of people needs to be managed.

For all those who want to know first-hand the operation of Adaptive Lighting technology CGLine + Stonex will make a personalized demo in the space of GET - stand 8E06 in which attendees are invited to resolve all doubts they have about this new system.

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