Rigging, show lighting and lighting control at ISE Amsterdam 2020

The brands represented by Stonex in its rigging and stage lighting lines have presented the highlights of their portfolio between February 11 and 14 in the Dutch capital.

One more year the manufacturers of audiovisual technology have gathered in Amsterdam to attend Integrated Systems Europe, whose headquarters for 2021 has been confirmed for Barcelona. It is an opportunity for those seeking integrated solutions from leading brands in lighting, audio and video.

Solutions for rigging and trussing

In the field of scenic mechanics and lifting engines Movecat It comes with its rigging solutions with controls and chain hoists. Among the most popular and versatile of the brand are the C1 with variable speed that allow multiple uses for both fixed and ephemeral installations.

On the other hand the D8plus with double brake, a solution that offers greater security in the assemblies and that is in accordance with European regulations. Its light weight and load capacity of up to 1000kg in the model PROStage They make it a highly profitable option for rental companies. Movecat It has created a differentiating portfolio with the objective of satisfying the needs of rigging professionals, always under compliance with the most demanding regulations.


On the other hand SIXTY82 It has also been present in a striking stand where visitors could find out about the broad portfolio of trussing solutions offered by the Dutch company. Manufactured under the premise of maximum quality, durability and compatibility with other popular brands in the market, SIXTY82 It stands out for its experience in the sector and its know-how as a manufacturer of structures.


Spectacular lighting: innovation for new applications

Ayrton It continues with its Multi 21 strategy, which will launch a total of 21 devices before December 2021. A ISEAmsterdam He has come with his latest moving heads: Karif y perseus.

Karif It is the first luminaire of the French brand that has continuous bread. The creative possibilities are multiplied with its wheel of 39 fixed gobos, thirteen color wheel and zoom capable of closing up to 3º. This tool offers possibilities for medium and large spaces, with a light body of only 24kg and a high light output -26.000lm with only 300W-. It is the second luminaire after the new Hurricane which is part of the new luminaire family LT -Long Throw- for long projection uses.

On the other hand, the new perseus it is the first moving head of Ayrton cataloged with IP65. Thanks to its extraordinary light output -27.000lm- and resistance to climatic conditions it is a tool specially designed for outdoor applications such as cruises or large festivals.


MA Lighting comes back with its lighting control solutions, tables and connectivity nodes. The leading lighting control brand for live shows has recently launched the definitive version of its software for MA3 and thus completes the offer of a new generation of more powerful, intuitive and versatile control tables.


Architectural lighting for all types of spaces

For those who attended this event in search of solutions for general and timely lighting of spaces, ETC He has shown on his stand his wide range of architectural luminaires, designed to offer an easily adjustable light in many formats.

Its ranges Source Four LED, iridium and families ArcSystem They are combined with their lighting control solutions: P, Mosaic y Echo. Three fully integrable technologies between them and with third-party products that allow you to easily create scalable systems with which to control from the lighting of a single room to that of an amusement park as a whole.


In Spain, the company Stonex is an official distributor of Movecat, SIXTY82, Claypaky, Ayrton, ETC y MA Lighting, among other well-known brands. As a national reference in professional lighting and stage engineering, Stonex brings more than 40 years of experience offering integral solutions for the sectors of entertainment, entertainment, architecture and emergency lighting; comprising the design, supply, installation and maintenance of scenic equipment and premium lighting.

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