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Stonex presents intelligent lighting and control solutions at IEDLuce

The company comes with technology that allows connectivity and easy control of all the lighting in a space and premium luminaires for indoor and outdoor. Integrable solutions with third-party systems to create intelligent, efficient and safe installations.

The next 6 February the school IED Madrid organize another year IEDLuce, a meeting in which manufacturers and distributors of the lighting sector share the latest technology and a point of dissemination of knowledge through presentations of different personalities relevant in the industry. This year the meeting will be attended by Paul nulty, Founder of Nulty Lighting Design Consultantsand Maxi gilbert, renowned lighting designer.

Schedule of the presentations:

  • Maxi Gilbert: 18.30pm
  • Paul Nulty: 20.15:XNUMX p.m.

For those who come in search of solutions in both lighting and control for all types of spaces, Stonex will be present one more year in this meeting offering premium technology integrable in all types of spaces such as theaters, shopping centers or offices, among many other possibilities.

From the hand of your supplier ETC go with the solutions Concert, software to control and monitor a complete lighting installation, and P, the family of devices for lighting control of simple and complex installations that also allows monitoring the energy consumed, the historical record and the cost of consumption.

With the architectural luminaries Source Four Mini e Irideon, also from ETC, Stonex puts the possibility of using a versatile tool for interiors and exteriors within the reach of architectural and interior design figures that also has an exceptional guarantee of up to 10 years on the LED chip offered by the manufacturer.

As regards scenic spaces such as auditoriums, Stonex will show the popular Source Four LED which are inserted in the premium strip of market cuts. ETC It stands out for the technology and components of its products and its range Source Four LED It has established itself as the spearhead in the transition to the industry LED. It is a strong bet in those spaces where lighting equipment requires a high investment. Thanks to the technology used in this device, greater performance is achieved with reduced consumption and lower heat emission, which will result in less expense in space air conditioning.

For those interested in security, Stonex will offer a demo on-site at its stand the new technology of Adaptive Evacuation developed by its partner Eaton. A new emergency lighting concept designed to allow faster and safer evacuations and greater control over the entire state of the installation. Through prior programming, the luminaire Matrix CGline + it allows to show different arrow directions as well as a red cross, being able to indicate different evacuation routes or even block a road, as the situation requires. This is the The only technology of this type patented and always manufactured in line with the regulation (EN 1838) and with ENEC certificate.

In its Entertainment line, Stonex also offers spectacular lighting material in the category Premium for its high performance, guarantee and innovation in all design and manufacturing processes.

Those who are looking for creative solutions to illuminate spaces of any size, will find in the company stand a selection of moving heads that allow to project infinity of colors, custom shapes and create effects of animations to give life and color to a space.

Among them the new Mini-B from the Italian manufacturer Claypaky. This small device is perfect for creating unique spaces thanks to its RGBW color mix and its double functionality as a wash (to illuminate a large area), beam (to produce a compact beam) or effect (to create dynamic projections). Its small size helps it go unnoticed in those designs in which it has to be placed on the floor.

For those professionals who need versatile devices that allow to project different colors and shapes, trim the illuminated area, the small wash Get the Funds! de Ayrton It is an optimal solution that also has the latest technology in CMY + CTO color mixing and light output. Designed in France, Ayrton's moving heads have positioned themselves at the forefront of the spectacular lighting sector offering a wide range of solutions for interior and exterior space designers.

In Spain, the company Stonex is an official distributor of ETC, Claypaky and Ayrton, among other well-known brands. As a national reference in professional lighting and stage engineering, Stonex brings more than 39 years of experience offering integral solutions for the sectors of entertainment, entertainment, architecture and emergency lighting; comprising the design, supply, installation and maintenance of scenic equipment and premium lighting.

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