Variable speed motor control

Stonex hosts the first training in Movecat variable speed motor control in Spain

Some companies that have material Movecat or scenic engineering facilities with branded products have been able to attend this course organized by their official distributor.

On January 8 and 9 it took place in the new space of Stonex, in Madrid, the first formation Super User Operator in Spain of engine controls Movecat aimed at companies that have acquired brand lifting systems for their facilities. In this formation seven units of variable speed motors have been used C1 250 KL, two controls I-Motion Basic C II and seven controls V-Motion Series.

This course taught at the beginning of the month is included in the the service providing Stonex to their clients in conjunction with their projects of scenic mechanics. The company does not only offer personalized advice, but also specific and tailored training of the acquired systems and a maintenance service for the products for life.

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Training for spaces with variable speed motors

It flows, theater Maria Guerrero y BCM Mallorca They now have a complete system of variable speed motors that, thanks to their versatility, allow their use for various purposes. The commitment to this equipment of rigging It responds to the concern of the properties of including in its facilities systems that guarantee the safety of people inside at all times.

Movecat It is the leading German firm in the manufacture of variable speed motors. All its products are certified in accordance with European regulations, so they are a safe investment especially in public spaces such as theaters, companies of rental, and project specifications of stage mechanical engineering.

Movecat variable speed motors

Movecat engines and controls

In its commitment to the security and development of the sector towards practices protected by legality, Stonex commitment Movecat as a supplier of scenic equipment in its line rigging y training. Its powerful controls are manufactured under the premise of a simple interface, the unique user policy, as well as its ease of transport.

The robust engines of the brand offered in a wide range of loads and functionalities to meet the needs of different types of facilities. All its catalog keeps in common the fulfillment of European regulations, an unprecedented durability and a specialized technical service in the Spanish capital.

V-motion rigging engines

This training has been the prelude to other courses that will be taught exclusively to those companies that acquire lift systems with engines and controls. Movecat for your projects of staging, so that customers of Stonex They can take full advantage of their installation without exposing their safety.

In Spain, the company Stonex is an official distributor Movecat, among other well-known brands. As a national reference in professional lighting and stage engineering, Stonex has over 40 years of experience offering comprehensive solutions for the entertainment, entertainment, architecture and emergency lighting sectors; comprising from the design, supply, installation and maintenance of stage equipment and premium lighting.

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